First gameplay trailer for MediEvil

Sony Interactive Entertainment releases the first gameplay trailer of MediEvil, the PlayStation 4-exclusive remake of the classic of the same name, which appeared 20 years ago on the original PlayStation console.

MediEvil tells the story of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a rather weird hero, who found an inglorious end in a battle against the evil wizard Zarok. 100 years after this fateful day, Sir Dan gets the chance to prove his abilities again when he is accidentally revived by his arch-enemy. Once again, the Kingdom of Gallowmere must be protected from Zarok’s army of the undead.

MediEvil is brought to life again by Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios in cooperation with Other Ocean Interactive as a complete remake of the PlayStation original – only complete with scarecrows, zombies, werewolves and knights fighting each other, who are doing their mischief with more detail and personality than ever before in the renovated Gallowmere.

Further information on MediEvil will be announced in the coming months.