Sales records of video games

As we all know, with video games earn a lot of money. For the year 2020, the industry expects a global turnover of more than € 82 billion.

For years, she sets a sales record after the other. The total sum of the video games implemented money in the year 2017 stood at about 67.8 billion euros, should you scratch it is estimated that in the year 2025 at the 90-billion-Euro limit. A significant contribution to these enormous Numbers make Blockbuster titles like the Grand Theft Autoseries. The fifth part of GTA made its appearance in September 2013, within just 24 hours, with a turnover of over 800 million dollars to generate. So he has set a new best mark. However, it should not remain the only one: After three days, sales were already at a billion dollars, the previous record holder Call of Duty: Black Ops only after 15 days had succeeded. Although GTA5 a total of around 115 million was sold, is the game in the list of best-selling titles of all time only on the third rank.

At the top is Tetris, of the about 450 million copies were sold. By the way, has Tetris also an entry in the Guinness book of records because it is the game, the on most platforms appeared – namely, to 65.Of Tetris, there are now countless offshoots and variants such as Tetris 99 for the Switch. Between Tetris and GTA5 takes Minecraft with just under 180 million-selling titles in the second place. The Top 5 complete Wii Sports with 82, and player, unknown’s Battlegrounds with 50 million sales.

None of the best-selling title is the best brand of the most expensive video game of all time. This record secured until July 2020, a copy of Super Mario Bros. The Jump’n’Run game came in the mid-1980s on the market, and has sold around 40 million Times. So it was for decades the best-selling game in the world. At an auction in Dallas in July, a Version of Super Mario Bros. from 1985 in its original packaging under the Hammer. An anonymous bidder won the contract for of 114,000 dollars. So that was the previous best mark of $ 75,000 outbid, which is a copy of Mega Man from 1987 had kept. To be able to have that kind of money for video games put on the table, you have to have a decent salary. Or you may win money in the Online Casino. The Novoline Online Bonus advantage of no Deposit, you Supplement may Chance here in the neighborhood.

Tetris, with its innumerable derivatives, is the best-selling computer game of all time is.

With much luck you can even be a millionaire. Would you like this in the year 2013 have been, then you would have a particularly expensive Special Edition purchase: For the “Super Dangerous WAD WAD Edition” of Saints Row 4 , demanded that the developer, Deep Silver a Million dollars. The Version was extremely limited, i.e. only a single copy. The buyer could not rejoice, but only on the game itself, but it got a few Extras on top. So there was, among other things, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Toyota Prius, plastic surgery, seven days in luxury hotels in Washington, D.C., and Dubai, a one-day Training for secret service employees and a space flight. The copy of the Dubstep Gun, which it added in its original size, also for the Limited Edition, played, given a subordinate role.