Windows 10: Updates to plug all security gaps

For some of the stupid: With KB4566782, KB4565351 & co. Windows 10 is the August Updates. Even more stupid: A security Patch does not protect you, according to Google is sufficient.

The patch Tuesday for Windows 10 in August 2020 stands for. Via Windows Update, various Patches for still-supported versions since 1507 by Download to your computer. Again, the Poker game starts for some users about whether the PC or Laptop after the Update is still running flawlessly. Don’t get me wrong: Windows Updates are necessary, and for most users not a problem. However, the official list of the well-known Windows-Update-growing problems.

Not only for those Affected, another point comes to: According to Google’s security team Project Zero, a current security patch is inadequate – it fails to serve its purpose. Are affected various versions of Windows since Version 8.1 Server 2016 to Windows 10 on the may 2020 Update.


According to Microsoft, the vulnerability with ID CVE-2020-1509 has been fixed for the current patch day. Google to the is actually to repair the leak but still. A simplified explanation: The Problem lies in network authentication, and allows Apps from unsafe sources to gain in Enterprise environments with higher rights. It is assumed that Microsoft needs to once and ran another Update is pushing. Google scales the gap, with the threat level “medium”.

At least there are other Updates that plug other gaps. We list what Windows-10-Version since, at the earliest, Tuesday evening, is which Patch and what this brings.

Windows 10 may 2020 Update / 20H2: KB4566782 (Build 19041.450 / 19042.450)

The current Windows 10 Version and the upcoming, currently in Beta-testers (“Insider”) Version used 20H2 get the same Patch KB4566782. In addition to the controversial Patch for the described gap improvements for the safety to come with input devices, the General user authentication, data management, Browser Internet Explorer and Edge, as well as, if applicable, Office. Of course, the usual batch of security updates for various Windows, modules and components. A well-known Problem, the Insider met with: Excel could voice installed and active Chinese and Japanese Windows packages are on strike.

Windows 10 1909 / 1903 – KB4565351 (Build 18363.1016 / 16362.1016)

The Patch KB4565351 for Windows 10, 1909 and 1903 contains the same points as for the may 2020 Update. Only the Updates for Office and the data management are not mentioned.

Windows 10, 1809 – KB4565349 (Build 17763.1397)

The October Update from the year 2018 will receive the Patch KB4565349. This is the same for 1909 / 1903. A Feature for Embedded systems: Specifically Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is a “Windows CE App Container” of Windows 10 IoT use. Here, too, language packs can cause problems.

The other Updates, you should be Enterprise or Education use variants of Windows 10, or the Surface Hub, or as a business customer, for security updates “number of expired” versions:

  • 1803 – KB4571709 (Build 17134.1667)
  • 1709 – KB4571741 (Build 16299.2045)
  • 1703 – KB4571689 (Build 15063.2467)
  • 1607 – KB4571694 (Build 14393.3866)
  • 1507 – KB4571692 (Build 10240.18666)

The Windows Updates will install automatically, alternatively you can toast them in the settings manually. Who’s afraid his System might be preserved after the Update problems, reads with us, as Windows 10 Updates block.