The Sims 4 Moschino short test

It’s that time again: Once with “My first pet” over a year ago, the last accessory package in the home the Sims 4 has been released, dares to Maxis this time a new attempt, the long-time Fans of the Franchises for new, virtual fashion to inspire. The accessory package for The Sims 4: Moschino was already in the framework of the E3 2019 first announced, and on 13. August worldwide for PC released. The focus is on the glamorous world of fashion and photography.

The heart of the package is – as the Name already suggests, is specifically for The Sims 4 designed collection of the exclusive Italian fashion label “Moschino”. Of their own, “simlische” wardrobe is extended by numerous new items of clothing and a further four new hairstyles available to choose from. The new Outfits are in the style very colourful, and full of everyday sweaters, to full-on fancy suits, which will make any circus Ringmaster competition. Basically, they complement, however, the previously often rather classic wardrobe of the Sims really well.

The only point of criticism – apart from the brightly painted clown jacket – represents for me the lack of customizability of the Outfits. Because contrary to the images shown on Moschinosweater, are a lot of items in just one or two colors available. This limits the possibility to combine new Outfits with familiar elements, but pretty. This could have been Maxis needs a little more diversity, purely bring can!

Okay now a new Pose.. and.. smile! – your own photo Studio

However, contrary to all expectations, the “Moschino”accessory package is conveyed much more extensive than the first Trailer and Screenshots it. Although the package is based on the collaboration with Italian fashion label brings in the package a number of new furniture to the game. All of these have one goal: to offer The player the possibility of a complete photo Studio set up. The package brings a completely new Freelance career as a fashion photographer. In this Sims can enjoy themselves in their own Studio, completely to your liking, and learn how to put a collection in the perfect scene. Here the creativity of the player is asked to create the perfect, next magazine Cover.

Match of the career was the General photo mode in The Sims 4, revised. He now offers a more flexible adjustment of the camera angle, and the photographed Model itself is much more pleasant in a scene. The player can now control much better, how the Sim in front of the camera should behave – and whether or not rather a Pose Sitting down or Standing up is desired. Initially, you do not need to get used to definitely a short to the new mode, because the settings are 100% always intuitively apparent. After that, the new career, however, really a lot of fun and offers a lot of freedom.


In the run-up to my personal expectations of the accessory pack were not very high – was disappointed with “My first pet” almost a year ago, the Fans but to a minimal extent and really. But I was positively surprised and I am really a big Fan of the new, small a career, which brings the package with him. It’s incredibly much fun a photo Studio build, and I see, therefore, the supplied fashion as a small, appealing Gimmick – the colorful sprinkles jacket which would fit a Clown, will put on my Sim but nevertheless, never! For less than 10 € so Fans of High-End fashion and Fashion photography offered really a lot, and I can set the package to really fully to the heart. Who of photography in The Sims 4 , however, generally do not start, you should of the package rather the fingers can. Purely for the clothes, I find the price – also due to the limited customizability – but a little too high.

What is The Sims 4 Moschino is? A new paid add-on package, which brings a collection of the Italian fashion brand “Moschino” in the Sims world. The package is supplemented by a completely new career as a Freelancer fashion photographer.
PC, PS4, XBox One,
Tested on: PC, Intel Core i7-2600K, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1080
Developer / Publisher: EA
Release:13. August 2019 for PC and Mac and 03. September 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox
Link: Official Website