Control Ultimate Edition and Steam Release

Control, the Third-Person Shooter with Metroidvania-bonds of Remedy, appears to be exactly a year after its original Release in the Epic Games Store at 27. August on Steam and in the Ultimate Edition.

After Control on 27. August of last year, it was published exclusively in the Epic Games Store, can now exactly a year later, all those in the game, the Epic Internet video game platform of its opaque collection of User-avoid data because still. Because in the 27. August of this year, appears to be remedy’s latest title on Steam, and as a Control, Ultimate Edition. The same contains, in addition to the main adventure, Jesse’s quest to find her brother in the Oldest House of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), in addition, all extensions, as well as the on the same day, coming extension to AR (Altered Wolrd Event). All this for the price of €39,99.

While Steam Users, so a year wait had to, in order to enjoy the Control to come, must now in turn, the owner of the game on the consoles as well as the Epic Games Stores, wait, because here appears the extension, first of all, two weeks later, on 10. September.

Players Control Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4 buy, get free a for PlayStation 5 optimized Version of the game, if you are on Sony’s Next-Gen home console switch. Xbox One players, in turn, the Control Ultimate Edition buy, can on a free, Next-Gen-optimized Version of Microsoft’s Xbox Smart Delivery offers. Physical versions of the ultimate Edition, Controls for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year and be commercially available; they also offer an identical free Upgrade path for players on Next-Gen switch as soon as the consoles are available. However, this also means that owners of the original Version of the game is not Next-Gen Version of the game received.

Contents of the Ultimate Edition at a Glance

The Control Ultimate Edition includes:

  • The basic game (Our Test you can read here.)
  • The Foundation (Extension 1)
  • The End-Game mode, expedition and Photo-mode
  • AWE (extension 2)