Gears 5 in the Test

To the introductory clarification: In the case of Gears 5 is not a new genre, strange offshoot of the Gears of wargame series, but a true fifth part. But in the age of communication by increasing the abbreviations you have kept it at Microsoft, apparently, is a good idea to simplify the title. Even now, if on the packaging of something else on it, the content you want to offer but the usual action-Packed series of food – with a few small innovations.

We recapitulate briefly the Story of part 4: Around 25 years after the victory of the people over the Locust has split the population of the planet Sara in two different camps, the coalition of the extraordinary governments (cor), and the outsiders who live in remote territories outside the sphere of influence of the cor. In the throes of this “Post-Locust”world, there are now J. D. Fenix, the son of a Gear-veteran Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud, who must together with his friends Delmont “Del” Walker, and Kait Diaz a new threat. Gears 5 continues the story seamlessly from his predecessor. The focus of Kait, not only has to face their inner demons, but also more about their origin and the role in this war, must find out this Time but.

The story is divided into a total of four chapters with multiple files, and after about 10-12 hours of play is reached then the credits. This comes rather abruptly – what was not to be expected, forms the fifth part however, Was the middle of the second Gears of war trilogy. Of course, you may expect series typically not a very deep Story, exciting and fast-paced told you, but, in any case. In addition, since the change of generations in the previous, the characters much more depth and are awarded and have this style in Gears 5 not only continued, but even expanded will. The actions and emotions of the protagonists are now understandable and no longer based so much on the clichés of the Action Blockbusters of the Eighties. In spite of the big break of the game series, and also with a new female heroine, these changes are rather subtle, because, of course, the Action remains in the foreground.

Jack and the open world

Especially in the first act in the role of J. D. Feenix everything remains playful when Old. In the Third-Person perspective, we fight with us from cover to cover through the hose level, and eliminate with a familiar Arsenal of weapons the minions of the swarm. Connoisseurs of the game series will feel due to the traditional, action-Packed battles and the adrenaline-charged staging immediately at home. In addition, the varied locations and the variety of tasks that ensure that no boredom there. Unfortunately, then consummated in act II and the game changing to Cold, a break in style, which takes some pace of the Gameplay. Instead of fighting through the hose level with scripted events, is sent in the open world of the Icescapes in tyre, and then the rotsandige desert Vasgar. In principle, be given the primary mission objectives, so you can always be oriented to the linear campaign, but there are numerous side quests for special rewards. On the way it is with the Skiff-skid, which allows quick travel between the various locations. Because you do not need to expect the attacks or other unexpected events, and the side missions are also not necessarily exciting, this new Pseudo-Open-World to serve rather the season of renewal, and offers no in-game value.

It is quite different with another innovation: The flying drone Jack. Which is our constant companion and supports us with his diverse set of skills. He can do at the beginning, only simple tasks, such as picking locks, for us not-to-reach objects and hidden enemies with his pulse tracking, we may equip it in the course of history, with various additives and, therefore, its functions expand. This is made possible by so-called components, which are found everywhere in the game world. So we can upgrade his Zapper beam, his health increase, or the camouflage capability enhance. Added to this are a number of special abilities we have, in the course of the campaign, or by the already mentioned side missions to earn. From the basic principle, as in a role-playing game – even if only in a very rudimentary Light-Version of it. Nevertheless, The little Jack’s grown on me quickly to the heart and at the latest after he has saved me several times and all didn’t want to, I miss him, too. That is why it is also very nice that you can select it in the co-operative campaign, as well as in a variety of Multiplayer modes as a playable character.

Tactically, varied, beautiful

Each new part of a game series also brings mostly additional and modified opponent with the Gears 5 are not much different. In addition to Elite versions of the various enemy types, it was mainly the Boss fights against the Matriarch, a genetically modified Berserker, and the Warden, with his double-breaker-Mace powerful much damage you can dish it out, the have remained in my memory. Not quite as dangerous, but all the more annoying is the Swarm, a Flock, a charm of flying leeches that can turn his opponents into Zombies. The extended variety of different enemies makes for a lot of variety, because each one requires it’s very own approach to be defeated. This requires an extension of the Arsenal. Added to this, among other things, a Railgun, stun grenades or Kryokanonen came now. In addition, there are now also the so-called relic weapons. These are rare versions of already well-known Gun, with unique Skins and abilities during the campaign of Gears 5 discovered be can. The battle system itself is straightforward thanks to the useful enemy AI, and new freedoms of choice as significantly more demanding. So, the environment also plays a significantly important role, because many of the objects and parts of buildings can now be destroyed. The boiler that my opponent is in the Closer, I can destroy well-aimed shots to scald them with the hot escaping steam, or I will destroy the icy surface of a body of water and transporting this all enemies with a punch to the deadly, cold and Wet. But this new Feature does not only bring advantages, because, of course, the same is true for my cover: Under fire, this offers no more protection and I’m forced to change my position. But despite all of these innovations – a tactical Shooter from Gears 5 , of course, still not, at least ensure a fresh Wind in Gameplay and variety.

Technically, the game is based, as usual, on the current Version of the Unreal Engine. The presentation can convince in the whole line, especially in terms of graphics. Especially the dynamic lighting system, the voluminous Explosion effects, as well as the very detailed character models with a lot of atmosphere to it. All that flickers is always completely smooth and without noticeable Slowdowns on the screen. The nose has a clear front, of course the PC Version. Not only because it is limited to the XBox One X at 60 FPS, but also due to much more extensive Options-options with which you can from the computer far more pick out, as from the console. The recommended system requirements are very moderate, and even on the less powerful XBox One, we did not see any game affecting loss of quality. Gears 5 , in fact, also Cross-Play and Cross-Save across all platforms, including the various PC versions in the Microsoft Store, and Steam. Thus, it remains in the ranking list, always play fair, have Xbox players the ability to disable Cross-Play in, if you prefer, only against other console players to compete.

After the campaign is ahead of the game

As the game series used to also offers Gears 5 , an extensive multi-player experience. In addition to the cooperative Gameplay of the campaign can be live online as well as offline split-screen with up to three other players together, is divided into three different areas: Versus, Horde and Escape. In the Former, there is the classic 5v5 games in nine different game types, both new and classic Maps. His debut, the new quick Arcade mode in which you play with well-known characters, such as Kait and Marcus, each with their own abilities and weapon Upgrades is celebrating. Of course, the Gears of war 4 , a popular game variants such as Team Deathmatch, Dodgeball, King of the Hill and co. again. The Co-op classic Horde, in the trying together of several waves of AI enemies to repel, has been altered in a direct comparison to the predecessor, because here, too, the individual active and passive abilities of the characters an important role. These collect experience points, which you can invest a lot in certain bonuses, such as higher damage. All of them sensible and playful, motivating innovations, which enhance the traditional Gameplay significantly.

Absolute Highlight is the multi-player area of the Escape mode is but certainly. This is a Co-op variant for three players that must work together to destroy the enemy hive from the inside. To plant the beginning of a game of you there’s a bomb that detonates after exactly 60 seconds, and then the whole monster nest with poison gas flooded. Your goal now is to tearing you under constant time pressure due to the hordes of Enemies and get to the exit. Here, too, the different character classes and their individual abilities play an important role. Although in this game mode, the virtues of a cover-Shooters, in large part thrown overboard – or perhaps because of it – is playing the new mode, wonderfully different and refreshing and is a great addition to the entire game experience. The only downside is that The characters selection is very limited and there are only four Maps to choose from. There’s a map Editor with which to provide for the replenishment, or which may be of the Community.


Actually, I wanted to my conclusion now with a comparison to the brutal Action blockbusters of Michael Bay start – but sorry Michael, something like Gears 5 you’ll probably never be on the canvas can conjure up. What is the fireworks of explosions and the perfectly choreographed fight sequences, with all of your optical and acoustic Stimuli are concerned, you may be able to still compete, but in terms of staging and the story told with all the multi-layered characters – since playing the new Gears of war in a completely different League. In spite of the bombastic Action, I can’t befriend me, as an old Fan of the series but with some of the new features, unfortunately, so absolutely, all the Pseudo-Open-World, with its many, mostly irrelevant, in addition to missions. That takes very a lot of pace out of the game and drags the story unnecessarily, without any game system. In the sixth part, you can save me from pleasure again! Despite these minor points of criticism is Gears 5 nevertheless, my personal Action Highlight of the year and not just because of the first-class campaign, but also because the multi-player modes more than just a cute accessories. I would like to highlight here the escape missions in “Escape”, because the will keep me busy for now, after the completion of the campaign, certainly for a while, especially if one or the other buddy with me looking to Gamble over and we lay together on the Couch in the Hive to rubble.

What Gears 5? The fifth Chapter of the campaign of the coalition against the swarm, including new and revised game modes.
Platforms: PC, XBox One
Tested: XBox One
Developer / Publisher: The Coalition / Microsoft
Release: 10. September 2019
Link: Official Website