Let’s play: Final Fantasy VII Remake

One thinks of the history of the (J)RPGs, then there are a few titles that are so iconic and groundbreaking goods, such as Final Fantasy VII: Not only was the seventh part of the series, the first after Europe abolished, he ushered in the 3D Era and delivered to us on top of that, a Story that, until today, to the best of the entire genre belongs. So it’s no wonder that since its Release in 1997, the Calls for a Remake in a modern presentation, always louder and 2015 was it then so far: Final Fantasy VII Remake has finally been announced. Now, only a few months separate us from the long-awaited Release, and we have a first trip to Midgar, a company and look at how Cloud, Tifa and co. beat in the new Millennium.

Reunion with old friends

Final Fantasy VII Remake is probably one of the most extensive Game-projects, the Square Enix ever tackled: The game will, according to his own statements of the developer, not just a revamped Version of the original being, but is in-house such as a completely new Final Fantasyentry is treated just the same Story as in the 90s told. That behind these claims, not just empty speech is, to prove the first Trailer of the last of the presents until a few days ago, in the framework of the Tokyo Games Show:

FFVII Remake is in episodes delivered; the first of which appears on the 3. March 2020 on two Blu-rays, and focuses roughly on those contents that were found in the original game on Disc 1 (of 3): the events in the greatest city in the game world, the Shinra Corporation controlled Midgar – promised moderation, including lots of new content and side stories, the aforementioned Trailer also already is a teaser of were.

Midgar is divided on two levels and in a plurality of pie-shaped sectors city and the Rich on plates in the sun, the light of life, while the poor in these plates in Slums, lacking to the extent that, at least in the original version. In this we were allowed to visit Midgar exclusively at night and, among other things, at the beginning of the game, as a mercenary to hunt one of their Mako reactors in the air: of the Shinra-operated factories, which are beyond the planet called Mako – his pure life energy, in order to cover the (financially lucrative) energy needs of the world and to do some other mischief, the light in the course of the game to the days.

The Schleich Planet-murdering the members of the Midgar-based rebel group, Avalanche, all the Martial Arts expert Tifa, as well as the Rough-shell-soft-core-contactors Barret, whose right Arm is replaced by a powerful machine gun against back then as it is today. The iconic beginning of Final Fantasy VII raises us also in the Remake directly in the Action: We come up with angeheuertem SOLDIER Cloud by train in Midgar to fight our short-hand by a handful of Shinra soldiers, and make us together with Tifa, Barret and the other Avalanche members, Biggs, Wedge, and Jess immediately, the Mako reaction of sector 5 permanent cripple. This is the Demo that we were allowed to us during this year’s Gamescom to watch started.

All this makes the new Remake

Well, not everything – but much. Who is the Original, also with its combat system will be familiar As a classic turn-based RPG we were in the 90sFFVII in random encounters, plugged in, in which we watched how the ATB Bars of our characters quickly filled. This was the case, was the appropriate character in the series and was able to run both standard attacks, Item use, as well as the skills of his weapons paired Materia use – crystalized Mako, which exists in various versions and its wearers magical abilities in the Form of, for example, elemental attacks, healing spells, or summons adds.

The Remake takes this System as the basis, it brings with it, however, thanks to some Updates flowing to the year 2019 (or 2020): The battles are now no longer strictly round-based, but present themselves as a Hybrid between the Action and the ATB System. The Standard Melee attacks of the Party are therefore not longer linked to full beam, but charge the ATB bar,-on the contrary – self. This is full, you can go into the battle menu and there is a variety of actions to perform, while the action is mixed around you in slow slow-motion (what are you, in turn, enough time to plan tactically). These actions include, among other things, the respective character’s own skills of each fighter in your Party – the Cloud can, therefore, lay down such devastating attacks with his oversized Buster Sword while Barret fires wildly, but also a variety of skills, you– as in the Original, thanks to the paired Materia to be available. Also, Limit Breaks, there is the way back: Will you hit in the clashes, fills up the bar; he is full, can you clean up by means of particularly powerful actions so properly.

A new twist in all of this, the possibility to switch in combat is fluent between all the characters, and thus the special properties of each of them to fully take advantage of: Persistent ground troops? Cloud power via the swing of the sword done. Annoying Flying Critters? Switches to Barret, and POPs you out of the air. In addition to your active character, you can in the menu, but also at any time all the other Party members to issue orders without having to first switch to the combat system is very dynamic, without being unnecessarily complicated, and made during our first play session in the reactor a lot of fun. Your Position, incidentally, is crucial: crates and other things in the environment can provide cover against attacks and should also be used.

To whom all this sounds far too action-heavy, the rest assured, at this point, however: Only a few days ago, Square Enix announced that there will be in addition to the new Action mode is also a classic turn-based battle mode to play as the Original.

Have you seen Midgar already during the day?

The combat system is in Final Fantasy VII Remake , however, is not the Only one, the refurbished was: As already mentioned, the former is merely a handful of hours of continuous Midgard Story now available as a complete series of entry – as announced – approximately 40 to 50 hours of game play, what is clearly a lot of room for new content.

Some of this content should, thus, to later events in the game connect – for example, the legendary Nemesis of FFVII, Sephiroth, now made his first appearance in Midgar have (in the Original we met him until much later), and also new characters have already been shown, above all, a mysterious new SOLDIER, making his debut in the recent Trailer celebrating and the rumors of the Fans neat fuel could.

Speculation there is also around the fate of various characters that were in the Original, relatively quickly and relatively dead. Trailer, and you can imagine that could also be used to modify events, which would leave in sequence space for a completely new Side-Quests or progressions of the main story. And then several of the Trailer scenes that show Midgar in the day were still there … One thing is for sure: Even those players who know the original Game inside and out, are here to experience some Surprise.

In addition to mysterious Changes and additions you also showed the ge-remake-ten versions of some well-known scenes, among other things, the oblique Episode around a brothel-a regular customer of Don Corneo, who flirted, in 1997, as a woman clad in Cloud. Of Crossdressing there was no trace in the Trailer yet, but Fans with joy, could find that the Don in the Remake sounds suspiciously like acting and Voice – Acting legend Mark Hamill. Whether it’s sword, in fact, all of our favorite Jedi-key master-the Joker is, has yet been confirmed but neither denied.


Final Fantasy VII was not only one of my first 3D games, but also my first J-RPG and the beginning of a love that to this day continues – to that extent do I, as many, many others, a huge amount of nostalgia with the title. The benefits of this (who could talk to Cloud and his cronies ever bad?), but also disadvantages (can get the Remake really of the Original – just when things are changed?). One thing I can say so far, but now solid as a rock: So excited on this Remake I have in the last few years is hardly a title, and the play session has driven this anticipation only to even higher Levels. The new Hybrid combat system feels fresh, but at the same time wonderful known, and makes me (admittedly a Action-Fan) a lot of fun, while the audio-visual presentation of the remake – including a talented new Voice Cast couldn’t be better. I’m curious, of course, but also on what is here, now to add everything to the content: A Midgar that day (and to a far greater extent?) explored may be, new characters, enhanced (altered?) Plot strands and Another – Fan-heart, what more do you want? For this editor, March can’t come at least not fast enough.

What Fantasy VII Remake is to Final? Ambitious Remake of the RPG classic from 1997
Platforms: PS4
Played: Demo Gamescom 2019
Developer / Publisher: Square Enix
Release: 3. March 2020
Link: Official Website