The new Index combines a Blockchain, and NASDAQ

A new Blockchain-Index Coins as Augur on the Nasdaq market. For many investors, there are still too few such over-the-counter formats.

Index-the offer comes from the supplier ex-ante

Too links between the digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple, and the big exchanges yet. Least it had lasted long enough, until finally the launch of Bitcoin Futures could succeed. Today the stock market was Binance, was able to announce the start of trading. Now, the provider ex-ante wants to propose a new Index model is a bridge between Blockchain-world and electronic exchanges. The new Investment goes by the name of “DeFix”, to hear how the environment of the American stock exchange, NASDAQ and, of course, of the provider.

Company secured 2019 license of the U.S. stock market

Behind the abbreviation of the Name “Decentralized Finance Index”, also DEFX is. The new Index holds the actual messages, according to various more or less well-known crypto projects on the Basis of the Blockchain. So another way to participate on the investors interested in the future of positive (and, as always, on the stock exchange and negative) developments in the market occurs. For the Blockchain sector, the new Index listing is quite a progress. The same applies for the provider and included in the Index projects. Always under the condition that the DeFix-Index can molt to the hoped-for success. You need to know: The provider is allowed to advertise since the spring of this year with a license by the US stock market. Be shown according to the current state, for example, Augur, and MakerDAO. Furthermore, the developer announced the formats Amoveo and Zerox as a component.

Provider already has other products on the market

For investors, the Index is intended to provide the ability to track new Trends and projects is simplified, without having to constantly according to the individual project changes to look out for. By the way: It is not the first innovative crypto-product of the supplier ex ante. At least, if we are to Believe the statements of the company. Many investors in the company’s name is perhaps no term so far. Ex-ante but, to have a few years ago a Fund on the Basis of the Bitcoins attached. Supposedly with an Investment Return of around 70,000 percent. In addition, there should be a further joint Fund that includes, for example, shares in Ethereum, Monero and Litecoin. From the point of view of the exchange, the NASDAQ, it is basically “only” a further cryptographic index. Because there are already indexes with respect to various well-known Coins like Ripple or ETH and BTC.

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