Miner Canaan Creative out of China strives to the NASDAQ

The mining industry soon was conquered by the exchanges? Canaan Creative want to try it in the USA with a request for the NASDAQ approval after all.

Chinese company wants to the US stock exchange license

As all regular readers and observers of the news to know from the world of crypto-currencies, crypto-Mining is not popular everywhere. A number of countries in the world hold little companies, the mining currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Digital. Apart from the criticism of many environmentalists because of the high electricity consumption in the course of the Mining process, there are also other concerns. For example, the number of cases in the area of illegal mining is on the rise. By means of Malware, Trojans, and other instruments of Criminals, undetected, gain access to computers, whose work performance you use for your projects. In September, we reported that, increasingly, Linux Malware is discovered. But above all, Mining is prohibited in many places. In China, there are some regions with respective Legal positions. Nevertheless, it is with Canaan, of all places, a Chinese company with a Mining connection, the stock exchange would start.

Always criticism of Mining dominance by a few companies

The group is one of the now only relatively few large providers, who have an operation for Mining in an upright position. This Quasi-centralisation of the Mining sector, with a few strong shoulders to criticize convinced Fans of the Bitcoin decentralized for a long time already. Yesterday, the reports from the experts, was made a corresponding request. Little surprise: it is Not in the restrictive native to China, but in the United States. The sec must now review the application. Previously was already elsewhere, that competitor Bitmain – a manufacturer of Chips for BTC Mining has an IPO in the Pipeline. The green light for the application, there is not but since half a year. Canaan Creative now wants to draw and has chosen the US market as the right place.

Clear goal: the U.S. stock exchange NASDAQ

Around 400 million US dollars to the Mining giant after the current Message in the checkout to bring through the step. With small venues you don’t want to be satisfied. Because the Start is to be made on the NASDAQ and, therefore, one of the most important exchanges in the world. Within the crypto and Mining industry, the application is likely to draw some attention to themselves. Because in case of success, Canaan Creative could open a new door for many companies. It could be something like an initial spark, if the exchange response. That Mining companies look increasingly to new sources of income, also has the reason, that the Mining is in accordance with the upcoming 2020 Halving less profitable.

Featured Image: By Anucha Cheechang | Shutterstock.com