Index Top 200 crypto Coins, now Nasdaq-listed

The US Nasdaq stock exchange is the next step in the crypto world. The stock exchange now lists a pure crypto-Index that will map the Top 200 Coins.

Constant analysis of the latest composition by means of an algorithm

The Nasdaq is presented for some time as a comparatively open when it comes to products in connection with crypto-currencies. While in other countries, rather slowly, there is a market for crypto-derivatives such as ETFs developed, equal to the major US stock market digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin now, at least in the area of the indices with the big names of the industry halfway. The own progressiveness, the stock market was already to the beginning of the year is proof of this. In February, the Nasdaq gave the green light for two innovative crypto-Index-offers. It was the development of the company, Brave New Coin, the currencies, both Crypto and the Blockchain enjoys a good reputation. The Nasdaq itself launched this year, several products in the context of the Blockchain/crypto sector.

CIX 100 Index is intended to appeal not only to professional traders

The new Index, which complements the classic range with indices such as the Dow Jones, the name of the CIX100. It will include currencies in the trade the best Crypto. It is a so-called “crypto-market Benchmark”, the algorithm compares more than 200 different criteria in the composition of the Coins in the Index. For the analysis a selection of more than 1,800 available on the market currencies, in turn, is available. The algorithmic analysis is to be made without human Intervention, such as specialised portals, reports, to the middle of the current week. This is not to reduce the last of the susceptibility of errors. Both “normal investors” as a beginner, as well as real trading professionals in the US stock market sees as a target group of your new Index.

Nasdaq as a model for other big exchanges?

The base data refers to the Nasdaq from the current Top 9 of the crypto exchanges on the market. Thus, a Token will be listed in the Index, must be found in the respective currency of three months at a stretch in the group of the most important 200 Coins. This statement is important, because it is clear that classics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero will be permanently be part of the CIX100. Other – less popular – currencies emerge, however, perhaps only temporarily, in the Index Portfolio. For many experts, the new listing of the major US-American stock market is the most important Signal: crypto – classics-products will be increasingly in the future, side by side on the same platforms available for trading.

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