Big step for Binance: Futures Trading platform goes live

Binance is one of the largest crypto-currency platforms in the world and is regarded as the innovative and very popular in the crypto-universe. Both the decentralized stock exchange DEX, a own ICO platform, as well as some other Features make Binance a complex and successful project. Today, the stock market has officially launched its Futures trading platform.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao gave today bekant on Twitter the official Start. For the time being, the platform is invitation-only for clients. However, he adds that he will introduce new functions such as real-time updates. This would mean that the platform would not have maintenance times, but the Trading is 365 days, 24 hours per day. These and some other innovations to be implemented step by step.

Released today:

– @Binance Futures officially launched, invitation-only for now
Lending batch 3
– Top menu-optimization
API: real-time tick-by-tick updates for all icon (an industry first?)

and maybe more. #onwards

CZ Binance (@cz_binance) 9. September 2019

The Start is for Binance a milestone, while many traders and investors in the United States adjust to the fact that Binance is turned off for customers in the United States to 12.09.2019. This process is necessary because the company is the introduction of Binance.US prepared. This new platform will fully comply with the local laws and that is all, of course, to American customers.

The stock market should bring a lot of new requirements. So it is no longer possible to register an Account, without the need for further personal data. In addition, it will be necessary, social insurance, and many other data in the process of the KYC necessary to prove. The platform, which is operated by BAM Trading Service, a newly formed company headed by CEO Catherine Coley, requires customers to have a social security number as well as a valid passport or driver’s license. Many customers have found just the described advantage significantly, so that the skepticism among crypto-traders from the United States is increasing:

Binance USA wants ss# I will never ever trade on Binance USA. Things getting real weird

— DangDrifter (@BarcombRuss) 9. September 2019

Coley goes on to state that the stock exchange should start as soon as possible (freely translated):

We final the list of the States in which we will start the Service for the user to introduce, authorize, and will post this list, before we start taking clients.

Binance started at the beginning in the year 2017, first in China, however, the conditions were increasingly difficult, which means that Binance saw to it obliged, in a neighboring state to move and to draw all the business from there. For European customers Binance built another location in the block chain, the Paradise of Malta, in order to comply with local laws. In Malta, some of the other major exchanges such as Bittrex or Huobi sit. Binance launched a further Stablecoin to make the Tether long-term competition. Tether and Bitfinex have been discussed in the past already, as there were some inconsistencies with the Printing of new Tether-units, and the history of the Bitcoin exchange rate.

Featured Image: Nadezda Murmakova | Shutterstock