UN: Blockchain to improve health situation in Africa

Together with a well-known service provider for digital medical and psychological offers on the WWW, the United Nations wants to deploy the Blockchain in East Africa in order to better care for the local people.

The blockchain as a way to better health in East Africa

It is a good sign that the UN is now taking the floor and announcing that it will use the possibilities of the blockchain to improve medical care in the countries of East Africa. A sign that the technology does not only allow speculation with currencies like the Bitcoin. Strictly speaking, this is not about the United Nations itself, but about the UNODC – the “United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime”. There on the last Christmas day it was called, one plans together with the enterprise doc.com the development of rudimentary health services in the said region, in order to guarantee humans a basic supply.

Acknowledged company helps to develop health services

The partner is no stranger. The company is active in the fields of telemedicine and telepsychology. The services of the technology company are available 24/7 for users. The blockchain has been used for a long time. The enterprise earns its money by the data sales, while user can take up the services free of charge. Two platforms – one for telemedical and one for telepsychological care – are to be created by the partnership and launched on the African market by mid-2019 at the latest. The portals of the UN partner are based on the ERC20-compatible MTC token. The token is already available for trading on several stock exchanges – but so far only in Singapore, as stated in the press release on the cooperation.

United Nations consider various blockchain applications

Systems such as Ethereum and Bitcoin models as a whole can and should not only benefit the sworn circle of crypto investors in the future. Even for normal people, the blockchain will gradually become an important instrument for being able to make use of services. The UN is leading the way. Other healthcare providers, especially in the USA, are working on blockchain-based concepts and solutions for optimized and more secure data management without high costs. According to its own statement, the United Nations is pursuing other approaches to blockchain.