Toyota would like to use Blockchain more for advertising

Blockchain technology is slowly establishing itself not only in the financial and IT sectors. Automobile manufacturers also appreciate the technical capabilities of the system, the success story of which began with the Bitcoin. Toyota, for example, announces optimizations of its advertising activities in the digital world under blockchain use.

First blockchain attempt ended successfully

First recently, the Japanese group smelled of a noticeable increase in the number of hits on the company’s website. The trigger was a creative advertising campaign in which the blockchain was used. The joy at this “surprise success” was apparently so great that the automotive group is now, according to reports in relevant specialist portals, tackling various other activities in the Ad Buying segment. Although the company – at least nothing is currently known about it – does not invest directly on a large scale in crypto currencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin, it does not have the ability to make any significant investments in these currencies. But also the general approval for the blockchain technology helps the crypto market to get better attention once more.

Cooperation with analysis professionals significantly increased page views

The increasing website visits are according to automobile giant Toyota only an argument for coming extensive campaigns with blockchain reference, without Bitcoin investments being planned. But this, too, is being discussed by various corporations. According to the Group, the fact that fraud in the advertising segment can be prevented in this way also speaks in favour of taking this innovative path. The first test run therefore brought the hoped-for success that the company had achieved together with the Blockchain Analytics company Lucidity. The partner Lucidity was primarily responsible for analyses using special software. The evaluations should detect irregularities and last but not least “domain spoofing” as possible fraud. Bot influences in particular should be excluded in this way.

The result for Toyota:

From sites and mobile apps that detected bot usage and advertising fraud, the company was able to redirect funds to use the advertising budget more efficiently. More than a fifth more visits were realized for the company website through the approach. Perhaps a new trend could emerge from the blockchain for automotive companies within the industry …