The crypto-friendly deutsche Bank offers HODlern an interesting new product

The digital crypto-Bank Bitwala and the crypto-lender Celsius Network have joined together as partners. In the case of a new offer, the account holder will receive interest for Holding your Bitcoins (BTC)

2018 was launched as the world’s first provider of a crypto-Bank account. The company announced a new product, through the account of the user at the Bank on your own Bitcoin-Assets, payments of interest once can range.

According to the Berliner Bank to your Bitcoin-interest account offers users the Chance, up to a Maximum of up to 4% interest on their Bitcoin reserves to earn.

Together with the crypto-loan-Portal of the Celsius Network, the crypto-Bank speaks with a new offer to institutional investors. These can now pay not only crypto-loans and interest on loans. In addition, the new BTC-interest rate account holders have a passive income through the long-term Hold of the crypto-currency (Hodling).

Within Europe, Bitwala cared for according to his own statement, more than the account holder. This can buy through the new product now BTC, keep and earn interest and pay these off let.

Weekly payouts are provided

Totals from only 10 Euro for the Bitwala Bitcoin Wallet to hold the investment, and Bitcoin the value of 30 Euro, to the interest account – then weekly payments, each of which take place on Mondays, waving already.

Although Bitwala makes Bitcoins for Celsius Network available, which will then be awarded to the “trusted Partner”, can Bitwala allow Users instant Bitcoin withdrawals after conversion in Euro.

The new Bitwala Format is the first “Neobank”offer, the Bitcoin Hodling with interest income of Fiat services. The annual interest rate of 4 % but not higher than the offer of various decentralized financial platforms (DeFi). for example, talks of Offers in the field of the DeFi DApps with similar rate of interest approaches with interest rates of up to 8.6 % per year. It pays to compare so.

Bitwala is under license the well-known Solaris Bank is active. This is one of the largest banks in Germany. In the year 2018, the service providers, gathered investment with a volume of 4 million euros from the donors EarlyBird and Coparion. The money was the Basis for the laying of the Foundation stone of the crypto-Bank. The financing round was necessary after the shops had to rest as a result of the earlier banking partner, wave crest at times.

The company Revolut from London is also one of the Bitwala-challengers. The provider has a Bank licence, the shops in more than 30 countries in Europe, America and countries in the Pacific and Asian area allowed. Problems but had Revolut the approval of Australian regulatory authorities.

Only last week, the Germany-based Online Bank, N26 secured in a series-D-financing additional capital for new services, in an amount of about 100 million euros.

Also, some other crypto-friendly competitors go to the Start and try to licenses. This includes, among other things, BABB from the UK, the Polybus Bank, as well as the company Crypterium from the growing crypto-high-castle Estonia belongs to.