Bitwala happy: Bitcoin Banking is becoming more popular

The past year, the German company recognized as a great success. And has set big goals for 2020.

2019 was a good year for the crypto-company

As the German company Bitwala went before the new year 2018/19 at the Start, was the media Echo is quite large. Because until then, in Germany there were only a few large companies, it could be measured in the environment of Bitcoin and Altcoins with the international competition. The actual founding of the company dates back to the year 2015, with the time of the service provider, among other things, the well-known Digital Currency Group, and many others as a donor to win. In the area of crypto-Banking you had written not less than a real Revolution on the flags. So positive of the current review fails, so optimistic, the company is also in respect of the current year to 2020. maybe this will even be collected again by STO fresh capital?

Account service with a crypto-reference can establish

The toll-free account service office built-in Wallet on the Basis of the Blockchain from the rise. In the meantime, more than 30 countries in Europe, according to the latest data, there are still a customers. The number of customers has increased, according to the provider, especially in the past two months, until the end of January 2020 rapidly. In the meantime, the threshold of 50,000 registered account has been breached, what did not expect even the seemingly positive prognosis. Within the crypto Community, especially word-of-mouth seems to be an important reason for the success. Monetary rewards for Recruiting other customers had also a favorable effect on the customer’s developments. And Berlin want to grow within Europe. By the end of this year, the company expects a six-digit number of customers.

The crypto industry is benefiting from a disgruntled Bank customers?

Experts attribute this in Bitwala on the in the German home continues to be good interest. Here, each of the second customer according to the Banking experts a good home. Important markets we see also in Italy, Spain or the crypto-friendly well-known Alpine Republic of Switzerland. Also the developments within the traditional banking world play Bitwala in the future, probably more in the hands. That Bank customers need to rapidly get hardly any investment interest or even fees for the safekeeping of their savings in a Bank to pay, for the benefit of the new service providers. Currently with a percent charges for crypto-Commerce with Bitcoin and Ethereum, the fees are low. In addition, the operator wants to offer new Blockchain-products with rate of interest even more. The end of the year, the company held for customers according to his own statement, about 1,500 BTC.

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