eFootball PES 2020 – Played

The eternal Second in the battle for the crown in the sky of football games, without a doubt, Pro Evolution Soccer, in short PES. Konami creates, despite great efforts, the top dogs in FIFA in the barriers to. You only have a few licenses, and if then, only those of individual clubs. The control is the from the EA football game similar but yet so different, that the loyal players are afraid of the change. In the last year, it has lost the Champions League. Who now says Konami and stick your head in the Sand, you are wrong, because eFootball PES 2020, so now the official title of the newest member, strikes back. And with fierce Blows!

At first: eFootball PES 2020 throws not with a variety of well-known Clubs, stadiums or even around the real leagues to. This is currently reserved for still Fifa. What Konami however, is doing the maximum Possible out of its a few licenses to get, and is a measure of energy in the development of a competitor to the heart should take. But without the new licenses you do not want to get along and so you got the exclusive Juventus Turin, as a Partner Club. This means Juve is it only in PES 2020 and in any other football game this year will be represented. Of course, it is just one of the many Clubs that are otherwise detained in the competition, but by the medial traction and the Loyalty of the Fans of Juve, promises the developer a hefty boost. However, Konami has not the Ambition of the naming rights to possess and use them in your game to integrate. PES 2020 wants more and the set you also. Each of the players from the Partner Clubs (ten in number in Europe and some more from the Rest of the world, especially from South America) have been transferred by means of a 3D Scan in the game. Even the smallest Details such as Tattoos are illuminated from the creators, and digital transfer. Konami does not make the players wait, so you have, for example, the Allianz Arena of Bayern Munich, completely scanned and in the game. The same thing you did last year, with the Veltins Arena on Schalke and the Allianz Arena looks a little more real, so that you can’t tell the difference between real insights and the Digital Version.

Although Pro Evolution Soccer is, like all other sports games, only with the atmosphere to life begins, the Gameplay is the most important Element. Here Konami in the right Lever. The first big Change is the new built-in camera angle gives a much better Overview, as it was the case with its predecessor. Konami was seemingly the luck in the transfer market weighed. The former Spanish international Iniesta moved to Japan and could not, therefore, as a consultant for the PES are obtained. You will notice very strongly what influences he has on the physics of the ball, the behavior of the game, but the AI of the players, particularly the new defense. Everything is much smoother and rounder than it was a year ago, the case.

eFootball PES 2020 comes with a lot of new Features. In addition to the coach mode, with legends such as Zico, Cruyff, and many more, the career mode gets its own Cutscenes. Transfers are now, if it will bear the license, realistically depicted. A new Online Feature, the so-called Match Day, has been integrated. Now the one or the other probably says: “This I know from the competitors!”. But this is not true. Konami is looking for a game of the week, which is your best ride. In the process, if you decide on a side, and scored for the Team points, as will all the other PES 2020-players in the world. At the end of the week will be determined the winning side and In-Game Goodies to the winner. The biggest bomb, however, you at the gamescom in 2019, the first burst of The complete European football championship in 2020 is exclusively available only in PES 2020 , including fifty national teams with their players. In the available versions there is a large variance, so there is a Standard Edition in both digital and physical Form. That’s not enough! It is the so-called “Legend Edition is complete” with a full legends Team and additional content – but it is only available in digital. And there’s more Fan-Service: From six clubs (including Arsenal, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United) there is a variant with the the private club on the Cover, but only in the appropriate fan shops.


As a diehard FIFA Veteran, I have to smile at the Pro Evolution Soccer series of games is always something. But it starts, especially because of the disappointments of the last few years with the EA-Pedant, you have to squint more and more often to the other side and realize how the eternal Second is always better. It was in 2019 is good, but with eFootball PES 2020 achieved Konami new heights, more and more players are in your arms is driving. PES 2020 plays a lot more realistic, the balls fly authentic, the control is more intuitive, but it’s so easy not to compare. For me personally, is PES the meantime, is the better Game what the sport of football is concerned, but rather in the region of a Simulation to settle, whereas FIFA is more arcade-heavy is. By this difference to find a lot of access to PES does not, unfortunately, completely wrong. The Demo for the game is already available, from the 10. September 2019 can then be the full version played.