Blockchain programming: a worthwhile business segment

At first glance, it seems as if the Blockchain technology offers the opportunity for good earnings in the investment sector. New surveys show that development work in particular is extremely lucrative – and in a safe manner.

Comparison with other developers shows salary potential

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin are tempting when it comes to fast money. This assessment is also quite correct. But the economy of the crypto world is not the only sector in which good money is earned. This is confirmed by the latest analysts with regard to the programming work within the systems. In the meantime, development jobs are also good sources of income. At least this is shown by the current comparison with programmers working in other IT areas. Whoever works as a developer on the progress of the blockchain can be happy about good income. Regardless of the current developments of the courses.

Good income in difficult times thanks to stable sector growth

And this at a time when investment in Ethereum and Co. is often risky due to volatile prices and the critical phase. Lucky tricks are left out of the equation for once. A number of start-up companies are now aware of the revenue opportunities in the programming sector. New companies are constantly emerging in the industry all over the world. With good prospects, as confirmed for example by the results of an analysis of the portal of the news channel CNBC. In it, the news agency highlights the salaries of blockchain developers in an industry comparison.

Crypto programmers earn above average good

In a direct comparison, developers in the blockchain environment can earn up to 175,000 US dollars per year with corresponding success. The data refer to the US market. Programmers in other areas earn on average “only” 135,000 USD, according to the result of the analysis of the editors of the portal. According to the evaluation, earning less than 150,000 dollars is below the average for crypto developers. The summary is based on information published by Hired. The company specializes in the IT sector.

The authors of the data conclude, among other things, that the USA continues to be a particularly important location for future-oriented industries. It also revealed that in the past 12 months alone, demand for programming with a focus on blockchain was five times higher than in the previous 12 months.