IOTA Hires Ex-Microsoft Employee as Business Developer

IOTA has been able to recruit another well-known employee. Pierre Hoffman, a business developer who previously worked for TOTAL and Microsoft, will now be responsible for IOTA’s development and operations in Europe.

Hoffman was previously active in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its development in society, but most recently pursued a career in Distributed Ledger Systems for over a year.

IOTA is convinced that his hard work and understanding of the European ecosystem will help to build and monitor business relationships in Europe in different industries. On a broader level, it should also contribute to supporting various business development activities across industries.

Hoffman is convinced that his experience in working with companies will help to support IOTA in its expansion into companies and various organisations and thus achieve greater acceptance of IOTA.

Hoffman said

This experience is the chance of life to let the system develop out of the way we know it today. Working with companies and other public agencies on highly disruptive business models that shape a whole new landscape of opportunities in many industries is one of the most exciting tasks on the agenda.

To build a sustainable future, Hoffman says it is important to work on the foundations and understand the needs of industry.

I really believe that IOTA is the missing piece of the puzzle that will enable an intelligent revolution driven by both permissionless co-creation and the urge for radically new approaches. It is therefore important to listen and understand the needs of industry, to design broad and seamless ecosystems in order to build a better and more sustainable future.

Hoffmann is not the first well-known employee at the IOTA Foundation who has already recruited Dr. Klaus Schaaf and Johann Jungwirth CDO (Chief Digital Officer), both from Volkswagen.