Only three days before the next Halving, the BTC breaks the resistance at 10,000 USD

At 10,000 USD, Bitcoin (BTC) takes a more psychologically important price barrier. A well-known billionaire called the crypto-currency as the best protection against inflation.

For the first Time in more than two months, succeeded the Bitcoin bulls to push the price above the key threshold.

Most of the time of day the Bitcoin was traded to the price of 9,400 USD; after he won, however, within 24 hours until 07.05. at 23.50 PM (UTC) more than 8 % to the total. Thanks to the Intraday trading volume of more than 26.8 billion USD in the past 24 hours, the digital assets value is equal to a number of relevant Resistors and landed at 10.026 USD.

The yesterday’s trading day started at 9.190 USD rose during the day but 8,78% and exceeded prior to the next rapid rise in the important level of 9,500 USD. After a gain of 807 USD the BTC ended up add closing price at 9.997 USD. Finally, the most important crypto-currency recorded a high closing price on 22. In February of this year.

In the same month, the Bitcoin was traded the last Time on a level of about 10,000 USD. Then followed the “Black Thursday” on 12.03. a comprehensive closeout with known effects.

In this Phase, the BTC price was quoted at slightly above US $ 8,000 – what followed was a decline of 50 % to a low of 3,850 USD. The escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic dropped the price of the Bitcoin at the 4. May to 8,500 USD to climb.

Only three days later, and at the same time, three days before the long-awaited Halving the world’s first crypto-currency has a whopping 160 % since the slump from the 12./13. March won against the Dollar in value. To the said exchange of Coin, had one of the worst 1-day Performance in 2020.

The One-month Overview of the BTC-price-Performance/Coin360

Praise for BTC billionaire Jones

The positive Macro-Trends, triggers the current upward movement in the Bitcoin price. Paul Tudor Jones, hedge Fund Manager and billionaire in personal Union, had large BTC interest in his company’s statement. For Jones, the Coin is “the fastest horse on the market” when it comes to inflation protection. Said Inflation is fuelled by the large-scale money printing actions of the Central banks in the world.

Him Bitcoin to the precious metal, Gold, to remind you in time to 1976, when he mastered the entry into the market. This is evident from the opinion under the title “The Great Monetary Inflation”.

The same time, Bitcoin-whales expand their sphere of influence in the market – in the expectation of a price rally of BTC after the Halving. The On-Chain market analysis platform Glassnode came to the conclusion that the number of long-term have increased investors (so-called Hodler), within two months, significantly.

The current Trend suggests Bitcoin-confidence in the direction of Halving, as it is in the on 07. May published platform-analysis was.

The graphics presented to the trust of the Holdler in the Bitcoin since the beginning of April/Glassnode

For investors of Bitcoin to remain the asset with the best performance in the previous course of the year 2020. The Coin is about 40 % above its level at the beginning of the year and the S & P 500 with a (in spite of positive signals in the near past) Minus 10% in 2020, far behind.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) was 9.910 USD – value in a magnitude of 6.78 % the course of a day until then. Also, some of the major Altcoins have trended back in the green zone after a weak Thursday, with the red Numbers. Ethereum, XRP, LTC and BCH-listed as one of the Top Altcoins in the gain range of 1.25 % to 3.9 %