Ripple’s a smart Investment for a broader XRP user base

The American Startup Ripple in the world has over 200 different partners, who know how to appreciate all the advantages of the provided payment solutions. The latest Investment makes XRP a million-audience.

Ripple’s incubator and Finanzarm Xpring, an Initiative of the innovative Blockchain-projects supported financially, invested a total of more than 750,000 dollars in the Mobile Wallet provider in Germany. FRG is one of the fastest growing mobile crypto-currency Wallets. It has more than 2.5 million users in 170 different countries. The company has recorded a rapid growth in key areas, including a steady increase in monthly active users and transaction volume.

Ripple points out that companies such as BRD should use XRP, because it solves scalability problems that were not solved by Bitcoin developers yet. The investment in turn will support the ongoing efforts of Ripple, the adaptation of XRP advance.

Suneet Wadhwa, head of strategic partnerships at Ripple, describes that the distribution of XRP will be increased significantly (freely translated):

Germany will build on Xpring, to support XRP and to integrate in the FRG-Wallet that allows its customers to hold XRP to buy/sell, spend and send it to everyone in the world.

BRD does not give the users full control over their funds by depot-bound Wallet and enables new types of decentralized financial services, including decentralised banking, credit and Peer-to-Peer transactions that can be carried out in the XRP Ledger. Ethan Beard, Senior Vice President, Xpring, that these functions may promote the General introduction of crypto currencies.

Germany-transactions running on the XRP Ledger, cost fractions of a Penny, and to be confirmed in just four seconds. While Second-Layer-scale solutions, such as the Lightning Network working to improve the slower transaction speed of Bitcoin, and to increase the number of transactions per second, the average confirmation time for the BTC in September, according to data from Statista 10.8 minutes.

Wadhwa is confident that Germany can continue to grow quickly and help to make XRP accessible to the masses (freely translated):

In the crowded Wallets-Arena, we see the founders as the people who push the boundaries of Innovation in the space. We think that[Germany] has the right Team, the right technologies and the right approach to the General introduction of XRP in a variety of new use cases to promote.

The beginning of this month, the FRG Team revealed that it would add support for XRP, after Xpring had introduced a Software Development Kit for Adding XRP and Fiat payments in various applications.

BRD also supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin, Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), ERC-20-compliant Token and the stablecoin DAI.

Ripple has also announced an Investment in the Vega Protocol. Vega would like to make a distributed derivatives trading platform on the legs, on the people as well as businesses alike in a safe and reliable act. Some industry experts see in this a still existing niche, great potential. However, it is likely that the competition is increasingly on the rise. Ripple would like to move Vega to integrate the native Token of Ripple, XRP, in the portfolio. In order for Ripple to ensure that they are represented in this promising financial market.

Featured Image: Stanslavs | Shutterstock