Facebook addresses the criticism Libra

So far, the group held back when it comes to criticism of the plans for its own currency. It means that we want to complement banking services.

Statement to important critical voices dam

The message from the house of IBM for the start of the week suggested in the Kryotowelt quite high waves. None other than Jason Kelly, in his capacity of General Manager of the Global Players – expressed the willing to The company can be imagined, a collaboration with Facebook to enter. The goal of the collaboration could be to develop the Bock chain around the Facebook currency, the Libra, and for systematic implementation. In the face of criticism of the policy, such as Germany. Not only the German Finance Minister reported, at times with Worries about the safety of the normal monetary system to word.

Libra-co-founder: the banking system needs to be “leaner”

Meanwhile, there is from Facebook to the week in the middle of a Statement, which was distributed on the in-house Blog. This is one of the Main responsible for the Libra Foundation takes with David Marcus. Libra, the evaluation should complement the currently existing banking system, and optimize. At the end of the future would succeed currencies by Libra (but also by other Crypto like Bitcoin or Litecoin) – oriented modernization of the outdated banking system. A Problem of the Libra-co-founder, among others, in the fact that there are too many individual banking systems that rely on separation instead of interaction. This is exactly what is to be changed by Facebook Libra.

Libra as a Supplement for normal banking services?

As an example, the expert is called, once again, transactions across national borders. Instead of the involvement of intermediaries, the rise in part high fees, not to enable digital currencies like Libra only with a faster Auswährung around the globe. In particular, transactions from Wallet to Wallet would be “incredibly cheap”, as stated by David Marcus himself. Libra should be at the end of an extension of the current banking system, as well as as quickly as possible to your body. For users sending and receiving should be ortsunabhägig much easier. Just because there are no intermediaries involved. Alone, many Bank representatives will probably lack the Belief that Facebook does not want to work against, but with the banking industry.

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