Facebook Libra Association welcomes three new members

The Libra Association may be pleased to find new members for the consortium. One of the youngest members: the state-owned company Temasek from Singapore.

Temasek of Singapore is one of the three newest members of the Libra Association. The investment company owned by the government of Singapore is in the list of members of the consortium. The same time, the two crypto-companies Paradigm, and Slow Ventures joined the network.

Paradigm is in San Francisco home and works as a investment company in the field of crypto-currencies. One of the founders of the group, Fred Ehrsam, who has already made as a co-founder at Coinbase, a name also. Slow Ventures is a venture capital company from the same U.S. city with a crypto-currency hard-point.

Together with the above-mentioned three companies, the Libra consortium is comprised under the leadership of Facebook, now a total of 27 members.

With the company Andre shot Horowitz, Rabbit Capital, Breakthrough Initiatives, Union Square Ventures and Thrive Capital five companies with a similar orientation, the consortium partners already. They had connected the Libra Association after the first Libra-presentation in the year 2019. Financiers are represented in the “Libra-Gouvernanc Team” overall, with a share of almost 30% of the members.

The commitment of the Libra Association for the Libra-Start

The Libra Association were loss of several high-profile members of the establishment of flu. This includes companies such as Visa, Vodafone, PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, eBay, Mercado Pago or Booking Holdings include. The loss was offset by new partners, such as Shopify or Heifer International (both at the beginning of 2020) due to new members in the network.

For Fred Ehrsam of Paradigm, the potential of Libra was the decisive factor – the Format could push crypto-currency more into the Mainstream, which is why you have opted for a membership.

Ehrsam said: “Each network with the potential for crypto-offers company able to make a distribution of this magnitude guarantees, is valuable.”

The Director of policy and communications at the Libra Association,Dante Disparte is convinced that the inclusion of Temasek and the two US companies,”the Libra-commitment to the building up of a diverse group of organizations shows. The members can make a contribution to “Governance”, the technological Roadmap and for the Libra-ready to take-off as a payment system.”

According to current estimates, the management of assets is with the Temasek investment Fund in Singapore at 313 billion SGD , equivalent to approximately 220 billion US dollars. Fund spokesman and Deputy Chairman Chia Song Hwee sees the accession to the consortium as an important step towards a contribution to “a global and a registered network, the retail-cost payments can.

The speaker adds:

Many of the developments in the crypto world to inspire us. We are pleased to announce the research to the potential of the technology further.

Vodafone had to finish the membership in January 2020, Dante Disparte responded with the Declaration that in the course of time, Changes in the Association membership may result. “The Governance Design and the Libra technology, concern for stability in the Libra-payment system.”

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