The Bitcoin Blockchain is to collect donations against Corona

Not only BTC-holders should be able to donate to the project money. So hard times for crypto-investors are: The project provides recognition of potential.

Donations for Corona victims via Bitcoin?

For all, the voice only too happy to critique the abuse of the opportunities of digital currencies like Bitcoin, or just of Privacy Coins like Monero, is the current Corona-crisis is a good example. Because the problems in the world are the best proof of what the application can offer opportunities for the currencies of the digital world. As a proxy for some other approach here can be seen the action of the Red cross in the troubled EU country, Italy. Earlier than some of the other States of the European Union, the Italian government had to bow to the consequences of the Virus spreading. The Red cross now uses the Blockchain System of the Bitcoin in order to collect capital for the fight against the economic consequences.

Red cross in Italy dares crypto-advance for capital procurement

The people and especially the economy in “Europe’s boot” were earlier than other States caught by the Virus. As a Partner of the Italian Red cross was able to win, among other things, the famous Colli Albani Committee. Not only the Quasi-currency Bitcoin (BTC) plays a role. Other currencies can take advantage of the donor to make a contribution. The fundraising is done via the Blockchain-companies Helperbit. The first goal of the fundraiser is with € 10,000, for a relatively low. But it could be an important Signal and a model for similar actions in order to procure, by Blockchain, the important funds in the fight against COVID-19. The donations should be placed in Parts of the Foundation stone for an optimization of the loaded medical sector. Many Italian hospitals, it is missing these days in the important accessories,to ensure the best possible care to ensure the patients.

Also other digital currencies can help

To the same extent, the project will bring in money to pay medical staff. The stated sum takes basically more of a Deputy position. Larger amounts of Bitcoin and Altcoins are, of course, welcome. As possible purchases, the name of the project, the financing of the DefiMonitor, which are of fundamental importance in the treatment of emergency patients. Also other medical Material to be purchased in accordance with the collected sums of. Donors will receive proper invoices and receipt will be provided via the Blockchain with a certification. For Bruno, Pietro the anti, the President of the involved IRC Colli Albani-Committee is to relieve the burden on hospitals and to create additional treatment slots in the often overburdened institutions.

In General, the Community in the crypto world is considered to be quite donations joyfully. So could develop a further bridge between Ethereum or Litecoin to the real world.

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