Russia: in a roundabout way, Bitcoin trading more difficult?

Russia’s policy receives the Bitcoin may not be with open arms. The relationship could in the future be even more problematic.

The Central Bank intends to suggest a policy more Strict

Ambivalence at the state level is generally known, if the classification of digital currencies goes. China was in the last months, the best example of this. Although the policy of the vast country wants billions in the development of its own Blockchain projects, and would also has its own digital currency, in accordance with the Yuan in the Pipeline. Just yesterday, China warned once again, investors from crypto-investments – especially in the Bitcoin. On the other hand, the investors shall, in the time of crisis-the interest of stable-coins, as we reported this Morning. In Russia, the situation behaves in accordance with the latest messages similar to, if you would like to believe Statements from the environment of the competent Central Bank.

Government is the last to have the draft law

Media in the country rely on a recent interview of an employee of the state Bank. Also, we are sticking to apparently despite the hopes of many investors in the critical evaluation. When said employee is the right-dissipation-in-chief. Alexey Guznov, so his Name, in his opinion, so far, to even speak of a possible ban of Bitcoin in Russia. And thus also of Altcoins, such as Litecoin, or Dash, of course. In an interview with the Agency Interfax in any case, Guznov brought a recommendation of the Central Bank in the direction of the Kremlin to the language. Apparently, there is a new bill that is soon to be brought in the Russian Parliament. The content Guznov hinted that the legislator in an implementation, could significantly stricter than in the past digital currencies to position.

Are stock exchanges and ICOs says in the country soon?

The supremacy of the Russian ruble as an important, rather only the currency of the policy would leave no doubt. More Strict, Yes. But a complete ban seems not to expect the expert. However, for purely technical reasons, because you could not stop, despite all the concerns about the BTC-application for criminal activity the currency at all. For new crypto projects, ICOs and other related plans, this could look different. At least when it comes to the Central Bank. A General admission of crypto-Mining does not hold the Central Bank responsible also for useful. So the recommendations could be a kind of indirect prohibition in the country. Under the policy, Bitcoin exchanges, says interested parties would have to seek, if Necessary, abroad for Alternatives. The rumors to a Digital-to-ruble with Gold-based hedging to hold, however, continue to be in the country.

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