Zoom: Login-data for the video conference program available for purchase

Once again, security issues in the chat Tool, Zoom: The access data for thousands of Accounts have been offered on the Internet.

Who is using despite the many negative headlines around the video chat Software still Zoom, should urgently change the password – especially if the same password is used for multiple services. Because according to security experts, the access data of more than 500,000 users of the conference ended up programme for sale on the net.

As the company Cyble of the website Bleeping told the Computer would find themselves in the Darknet records with E-Mail addresses, passwords, Meeting URLs and host keys, all this at least since the beginning of April. The security company had bought some of the data and the authenticity checked.

Presumably, the data have been compiled by hackers tried easy previously captured access data of other services, and mass imprisonment in the case of Zoom. After that, the records had been distributed partly free of charge in the Internet, in order to make a name for himself, other data would have been sold by the Hacker for the cents.