Xbox Game Pass: New Highlights in August

Like every month, there is also in August numerous fresh tracks in the Xbox Game Pass for console and PC (Beta) that make for fun in Abundance! Take a look at the upcoming Games, challenging DLCs, free Updates, Quests, Perks, and much more.

  • 6. August – Darksiders: Genesis (console) Here it goes to the Test!
  • 6. August – It Lurks Below (console & PC)
  • 6. August – The Dark Pictures: One of Medan (console) Here it goes to the Test!
  • 6. August – the trail makers (console & PC)
  • 6. August – UnderMine (console & PC)
  • 6. August – Xeno Crisis (console & PC)
  • 13. August – Final Fantasy VII HD (console & PC)

Also, F1 2019 is still in the Game Pass available! Our Test you can read here.

Updates and DLCs

  • Free No Man’s Sky Update – Desolation
    Desolation is the latest free Update to No Man’s Sky, which is the battle system improved and the possibilities of space exploration expanded.

Xbox Game Pass Mobile App Update

Take a look at the most recent Update of the Xbox Game Pass Mobile App and test the latest adjustments:

  • Notifications as soon as new games are added or the Xbox Game Pass left
  • a full list of Xbox Game Pass library for console and PC
  • Remote Installation of new games on console and PC on the App
  • Quests that allow You to earn even more Rewards
  • Overview of the available Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks will benefit You as a user of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate of valuable in-game bonuses and exclusive Offers. Your Perks, You activate in Your Xbox Game Pass App on your Smartphone, Windows 10 PC or Xbox One. And also from the 5. August there are new Perks!

  • Sea of Thieves – night Shine Parrot Bundle
    Get with the night Shine Parrot Bundle cosmetic adjustments for character and ships, as well as a starting fee of 10,000 Gold – perfect for fresh, enhances lightweight sailors, or experienced privateer! And because everyone loves a privateer parrots, there is the chic night Shine Parrot jacket with matching hat and cutlass for Your Outfit. Fits to a figurehead and sails, so that everyone can see to whom belongs this chic ship.
  • Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker
    You can roll 15 Esoteric font and redeem them for different Items to customize Your character. To stylish costumes, new weapons and useful Ninja tools. Games in multi-player with friends and find exciting 4vs4-out Fight, who is the greatest Ninja.
  • World of Tanks
    Are You ready to dominate the battlefield? Then You secure the Battle Masters Pack and fortify Your Arsenal with the much-feared German Krupp Steyr waffentrager, the robust American M4A2E4 Sherman and the British Sherman VC Firefly. At the same time benefit from Premium time and You fight with other consumable Items and ammo to the gold rank on the field of battle.
  • World of Warships: Legends
    World of Warships: Legends brings two more heavily armed ships of war in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks.

These games leave the Xbox Game Pass at the 14. August:

  • Devil May Cry 5 (Console)
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance (console & PC)
  • Space Hulk: Tactics (PC)
  • Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (PC)
  • Yoku’s Island Express (console & PC)