X019: Inside Xbox – the Highlights

Microsoft launched yesterday with a new Inside XBox Episode to the big X019 weekend. In the framework of this event, many Neuankündungen and News were presented. We have summarized the Highlights for you.

The largest Inside Xbox Episode of all time has a lot of great news from the Xbox-cosmos in the Luggage, including more than ten titles for the Xbox Game Studios, three brand new games-IPs, and four world premieres by developers, anywhere in the world. In addition, You can expect Updates to the Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud.

Grounded: the Obsidian developed title in the Survival Genre
Obsidian announces the brand new title is Grounded, appears in the spring of 2020 in the Xbox Game Preview and in the Xbox Game Pass. In Grounded You’re shrinking to the size of an ant and trying to survive in the micro world of a Suburban back yard. You can find life-saving resources and build protective bases from everyday objects that You find in the yard. For more information about Grounded You after reading this article on Xbox Wire ROOF.

Everwild: The new IP from Rare
Rare Executive Producer Louise O’connor shares first impressions Everwild, the latest title in the Sea of Thieves-Studios. Everwild is still in an early development phase and takes You into a magical world full of innovative ideas to share with players around the globe can. Watch the Trailer and learn more Details on Everwild on www.xbox.com/games/everwild or on Xbox Wire roof.

Age of Empires IV: The first Gamplay Trailer
The Studio Age of Empires IV has a name: World’s Edge, presented for the first time Gameplay for the hotly anticipated strategy title Age of Empires IV In the latest Episode of Inside Xbox Studio Head Shannon Loftis talks about the future of the tradition-rich Franchise. For more information You can find on the Xbox Wire ROOF.

Project xCloud: New title and new markets
More than 50 new titles to appear soon for the public Preview of Project xCloud. In addition, the Service will be rolled out in the next year in other European markets and also in the Xbox Game Pass is available. All the Details You will find here on Xbox Wire ROOF.

Tell Me Why: The new title from DONTNOD Entertainment
Microsoft Game Studios Publishing unveiled Tell Me Why, is the exclusive and episodic-scale Adventure game from DONTNOD Entertainment, the Studio which is, among other things, for the Life is Strange series. All the chapters of Tell Me Why to be released in the summer of 2020. You can find more information on Xbox Wire ROOF.

The Seabound Soul: Update for Sea of Thieves
The new free Update The Seabound Soul appears on the 20. November free for Sea of Thieves. Explore a gripping adventure in the new Story-heavy, Tall Tales, and find Your place in a fantastic story. For more information You can find on the Xbox Wire ROOF.

Xbox Game Pass: New title, new quotes
The Xbox Game Pass receives a large number of new titles, in addition, the ultimate Christmas deal waiting for You. A complete Overview and information about the availability of the new Games You can find in a separate article on Xbox Wire ROOF.

Sky is the Limit: New content for Microsoft Flight Simulator
A new Trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the realistic world of the new simulator brings You closer and puts special attention to the fresh and authentic aircraft, as well as real-time weather effects. For more information about Microsoft Flight Simulator You can find on https://www.flightsimulator.com and on Xbox Wire ROOF.

More News in the Overview:

  • Bleeding Edge: The new title of Ninja Theory appears at 24. March 2020.
  • Halo: Reach appears on the 3. December in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
  • Minecraft Dungeons: Executive Producer David Nisshagen introduces new Features of the Action-Adventures.
  • Wasteland 3: The new title from inXile appears on the 19. In may 2020, and will take You into the post apocalyptic desert of Colorado.
  • Crossfire X: The first Gameplay Trailer gives a taste of the upcoming Multiplayer Shooter.
  • Kart rider: Drift: First Gameplay-insights show You the daring Action and fast-paced speed of the Racing Games.
  • Final Fantasy: The Final Fantasy series will appear from 2020 onwards for the Xbox Game Pass.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fall of the Order: Inside Xbox shows brand new Gameplay for Star Wars titles.
  • Yakuza: The popular Yakuza series is coming soon in the Xbox Game Pass.
  • Planet Coaster: A new Gameplay Trailer shows Adrenalin, goosebumps and daring rides.
  • West of Dead: Raw Fury announces the new title of the West of Dead, plays in a dark Wild West scenario – sign up today for the Beta.
  • Drake’s Hollow: The new build-up title leads You in a Action-heavy and cooperative-building adventure in a fantastic parallel world.
  • Last Stop: The latest title from Variable State takes You to present-day London. Choose between one of three characters and enjoy a complex adventure.
  • The Artful Escape: The Artful Escape tells the story of Francis Vendetti, who embarks on a multi-dimensional travel, in order to create his stage personality.

Here again the whole Inside Xbox – Live-from-X019 in London to have a look: