WRC 8 in the Test

The official WRC games it had always been difficult: Although it’s rarely “bad”, they managed but never out of the shadow of the Almighty Codemasters works to emerge. This was particularly the case for the last three parts from the pen of the French game developer Kylotonn. Year for year, struggled you the chance to through the dust and the wind the shadow of the DiRT-track. But now, in 2019, after a year of creative break in “a year of new Version” set to Overtake.

To set it in addition to a new Engine, refined driving physics, and a fat scope, especially the new career mode … in addition to the compulsory USP: the Original license, all current WRC series, of course. Depending on the individual’s self-confidence, one starts either in-class front-wheel-driven Rennsemmeln (Junior WRC), or already quite potent WRC2 cars in the racing world, and is entrusted with the Management of the entire team. Since the appointment calendar will be filled between the obligatory rallies, depending on the availability of the training sessions, rest days or special events, or the Team with its to and unlockable professions (from the meteorologists and physiotherapists up to the mechanic and the Manager is all about to be) managed. It also States to check regularly the own Mails, and to respond to individual (to invest pay the bills, for example) and in a complex talent tree, the collected experience points in the development of the eures team.

A lot helps a lot

At the same time, it is of course also on track to deliver. This not only earns money, but also the one or other mission-goal is hopefully fulfilled, and the affects the reputation of your manufacturer as well as the morale in your Team. So you see: The career mode is quite complex. And that is a good thing. After all, gear is deep enough to captivate for hours and hours and hours to the virtual steering Wheel.

Speaking of the steering Wheel: when it comes to cars, enough variety is offered. Not only is the squad of the now quite manageable which has become WRC-Portfolios available to you, but, fortunately, the complete range of cars and drivers in the WRC2 (so R5 cars), the Junior-WRC and even some Bonus cars like the legendary Lancia Stratos.

In terms of routes has WRC 8 a lot to offer: All of the races and stages of the current WRC season (14 countries and over 100 Stages) are one-to-one into the game has been transferred, and thus provide for extremely varied pistes, the different cars chasing can. The hook: Unfortunately, the detail varies to a degree and the attention to detail is strong, with the virtualization of the piste works. During some of the rallies so, delight with a very chic environments, to show other countries arg karg.

Once more with Feeling

But now we come to probably the most important part of a racing game: the handling. Here Kylotonn has done almost everything right. The relatively weak Junior-WRC-Fiesta up to the Kraftlackeln from the WRC, the cars have to convince the Bank with a very believable driving. Weight transfer, suspension movement, changing Grip conditions: Everything is great, simulated, and ensures, that the cars credible dance across the slopes. This attests to my butt-Meter is not quite the brutal reality of a Dirt Rally 2.0, but damn close.

To whom have All the fun is here, too, a little too much of the realism that can be of help, however, with the activation of so many driving AIDS such as traction control. Pleasant: with a Controller, the game can be – even without the electronic helpers – decent enjoy. Really cool the thing but, of course, only with a Force Feedback steering Wheel. Here, you can listen to every little beat, every Change in the build background and, of course, exactly how much Grip the tyres have just.

It has assessed all those factors the wrong times, celebrates the damage model its great appearance. Here, too, is not quite on the destruction of pre -, the in Dirt Rally is offered – probably due to licensing reasons, however, are cosmetic damages as well simulated as technical. A slightly warped steering to complete failure of entire components everything is possible. With such injuries to the target, to within a rally strictly in accordance with the current regulations in accordance with each of the two stages in 45 minutes time, to bring everything back as far as possible, in order. You do not, the barrage of penalty points. Blessed is the one who has spent a Team-Management but rather a little more money for the versiertest possible mechanics of the depends on how much time the repairs will actually die.


Just a couple of words about the multi-player mode. In the absence of a successful Release, we were able to at the time of testing is still not too extensive self-experiments in the multi-player part of WRC 8 companies. However, the offered scope on a positive note: There are regular Challenges, prepared eSport tournaments (incl. Prize money), the ability to create Lobbies according to their own ideas, and – drum roll – a split-screen mode!!! Finally, so you may compete again in a racing game at the same time with a friend in front of the same Monitor with each other. Gorgeous!

Technology that inspires?

As already mentioned in the beginning, has Kylotonn improvements in the Engine decent. The unique Highlight: the dynamic weather. Even within a single Rally stage of the weathering of an Apocalypse can develop-like a storm all the way to pleasant sunshine. Visually, aptly accompanied with fancy light effects, sharp reflections, and numerous light – and shadow play, which can be from one of the two Cockpit perspectives (from the rider’s point of view with the steering Wheel or directly behind the windscreen) and enjoy. At least here, the ambitious Valance-Shrike then probably also respectfully nodding to the knowledge that you have to deal with as a driver the on and Off of the wiper and/or of the light. Cool.

However, it creates WRC 8 at the end nevertheless not the current genre Primus from the house of Codemasters technically behind … to let the Yes’s be honest, currently, even a little dusty is. To is not very detailed, the environment, to platt, the volumetric effects, to highly visible LOD Transitions. Also, the Framerate remained in the I tested the PS4 Version (on a PS4 Pro) not as stable as the Dirt Rally 2.0 is the case.

The Sound must WRC 8 similarly, something acoustic in the dust. The engines sound meaty, and the mix with the rest of the effects, like the Patter in the wheel wells, the Howl of the gearbox or Popping of screw-in has hardware, but at least in our test to convince version is still known for.


WRC 8 has in comparison to its direct predecessor a huge leap forward and stands at the end in the race for the crown for the first Time ever as a worthy opponent in addition to the current Iteration of the DiRTseries. At the end of blunders in the technology-Chicane ensure, however, that the Challenger, the crucial tenths of a lack to push in front of the reigning Champion. Be that as it may: rally Fans can, no: should, however, access. Not only because of the Original license, but also because of the really interesting career and a successful driving behavior, which can, especially in combination with the dynamic weather for many thrilling hours behind the wheel.

What WRC 8? A Rally-Simulation with the Original license of the season in 2019.
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One
Tested: PS4 Pro
Developer / Publisher: Kylotonn / Big Ben
Release: 06. September 2019
Link: Official Website