Windows 10 October Update: Zip archives can cause problems

The October update for Windows 10 may cause further problems. Users report a sometimes dangerous behavior of the integrated Zip function.

The October update for Windows 10 still seems to cause problems. A few users who have already installed version 1809 report an error in file management. A Reddit user, for example, reported over the weekend that when unpacking compressed Zip directories, no confirmation prompt would appear if folders or files with the same name already existed in the destination folder. The error also exists for him after a new installation of Windows 10. Under certain circumstances this can even lead to a loss of data.

The user gets encouragement from some readers who occasionally report the same problem. There is also a reference to an almost two-week-old article describing something similar. Other users cannot reconstruct the error. There are also users who describe a completely different behavior: If duplicates are already in the target folder, Windows 10 does not show a dialog for overwriting or aborting. In a few cases, the system would simply skip the action.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the current bug reports. It is unknown how widespread the problem is. The reporters at least agree that the built-in Zip function of Windows 10 is the culprit. If you want to be on the safe side, you should switch to third-party software such as 7-Zip or Winrar.

The reports about the faulty Zip function come superficially from conventional user circles. In the Insider Program, where Microsoft is currently testing a new version of the October update, there are hardly any corresponding reports. The assumption is therefore that those currently affected have installed an outdated version – the one that Microsoft released in early October and withdrew shortly afterwards.