WhatsApp vulnerability: Potential danger from video calls

Smartphone hack on video call: Billions of users are at risk from a vulnerability in WhatsApp’s code – unless they install an update to the Messenger app. Update now!

The Project Zero hackers have made a vulnerability in the WhatsApp Messenger public. Due to a vulnerability in the app’s code, attackers are theoretically able to capture a user’s smartphone using a video call – or rather: they were able to do so.

The problem was fixed a few weeks ago with a WhatsApp update, but – as is usual in such cases – it has only now been announced in order to avoid exploitation by criminals. In the latest program versions both for Android and iOS the so-called exploit is no longer possible.

However, in theory, billions of WhatsApp users are still affected by the threat, who have not yet updated their apps. The experts from the Google team therefore recommend that you update to the latest version of WhatsApp as soon as possible in the course of their publication.

Which WhatsApp version is safe?

In the latest versions of WhatsApp released since September 28, 2018, the vulnerability is closed.

iPhone users should have WhatsApp for iOS version 2.18.93 installed. The latest versions for Android devices are WhatsApp 2.18.302 and above. All older program versions are potentially at risk.

The Play Store is currently offering some users an older version of WhatsApp that has not yet been closed. If this applies to your device, you should check for updates regularly and install the update as soon as it becomes available. Until then, unknown video calls in WhatsApp should not be accepted – a rule that is generally advisable regardless of specific security issues.

A current version of WhatsApp for Android can be obtained directly from the developer.