Valorant: A potential E-Sport Shooter in the future?

The competition-oriented Genre Ego-Shooter E-Sports is dominated by none other than the popular Counter Strike Franchise from the bottom of my heart, and is shooting games, in this regard, a leader in all of the Ego. While other shooters such as Rainbow Six Siege, even if only on the heels, this is never a real competition showed up. But this could now change with the new title Valorant, the recently Riot Games has been released. But has the game potential to be one of the leading E-sports title?

Old game, new Game

You could Valorant as a mixture of Overwatch, League of Legends and CS: GO call. In Essence, this is a 5-against-5-first-person Shooter , Overwatch , and Rainbow Six Siege in this respect, is similar to that of the player of several characters (agents) with their skills can choose, the success of the team contribute. In addition, there are Ultimates that can charge the player by various actions. These abilities give the Team a huge advantage and are very important to in the end emerge victorious. Comparable to CS: GO turns the Gameplay to precision shots, and the execution of tactical movements on the Maps. While a Team must place a bomb, is the task of the other team to defuse it.

Valorant resembles a little bit of CS: Go and is a fast, action-Packed Multiplayer Shooter

Valorant has potential to become a successful E-Sport?

If you know Riot Games is the developer, with the concept of competition is well familiar, one can expect a well-balanced title that has just enough skill and strategy, in order to allow a healthy competition game. Against this Background, the title certainly has potential as an E-Sport. The question remains, however, whether it is the title manages to be one of the biggest in the scene.

The possibility of a clear winner in the Matches to identify addresses all of it. This is, for example, also for other industries, which deal increasingly with the E-sports, is extremely important. So the E is put-sports, for example, in the case of gambling operators becoming more and more popular, which enable its customers on the results of the competitions. Some of them have even already developed its own E-sports category. Who would like to learn more about it should visit . There is described, among other things, that it’s not all specifically for E-sports developed games create actually on the market. According to the website belong to LoL, CS:GO, DOTA 2, Starcarft 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch , and FIFA to the Games, the a huge following and bets are eligible. Also, it is important that the games can be easily tracked. Finally, Internet broadcast platforms, as well as increasingly also the TV channel to the virtual competitions.

In order for the title as an E-Sport can be successful, he should be in any way better than already established games. Must Valorant either Overwatch with his heroes or Rainbow Six with his agent surpass. In addition, should the strategic aspect in comparison to CS:GO not too short. The Problem of Valorant , however, lies in its target audience. The Plan is to all Fans of CS: GO, Overwatch and LoL attract could be counterproductive. Because the wider the range, the more likely it is that Riot recognized in certain aspects, and in content, which leads to a layered Community and a player base, the similar elements can easily find in other titles with better execution.

Nevertheless, the game is a successful E-Sport title. The fact that Valorant brand new and free of charge, it is certainly a lot of interest in the Community to worry about.