Updraft for Dash by new Partner iQ CashNow?

The provider behind the System Dash is able to announce a new cooperation. The new partners promises to be more acceptance as a digital means of payment.

Dash extended Service for a User perceptible

In the discussion about the supposed other burglaries in the crypto market messages like this in the case of observers for hope. As a European offshoot of the service provider, Dash Dash, the Embassy announced as-CH, a successful new collaboration. As a cooperation partner of the provider, won the worldwide, but especially in Europe well-known Payment service iQ CashNow. Dash is behind Coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, of course, already a big Player in the crypto market. Through the partnership could pull the Dash but in fact, some attention of potential users. Around 1,000 other points of contact users to ask about the iQ CashNow Terminals in the future.

Withdrawals and digital payments worldwide

As a payment option Dash is not only in Online trading even more can be used. The PoS points of acceptance of the Austrian partner iQ CashNow could transfer the Dash, in the future, increasingly in the inpatient. In a number of countries in Europe iQ CashNow is currently one of the leading service providers. In addition to the home country, Austria, this also applies to countries such as Italy, Greece or Spain. Also in the USA and in South America, Ecuador, the company has for some time been an important market participant. Here, users will not be able to use the Dash alone now for payments. At iQ CashNow ATM crypto fans can stand out now Dash Coins as an alternative to BTC, Bitcoin, Cash, and other crypto-currencies of their Wallets.

Fast processing of payments and direct conversion

In addition to dealers, many Restaurants belong to the Dash/iQ CashNow network, for example. Basically, the result is something like a “Win-Win-Win-Win”Situation. Because this is the only Dash and iQ CashNow, but also the dealers as well as at the end of the chain, of course, users can be flexible pay with digital currencies will not benefit. Without Fiat money, the System does not work. iQ CashNow accepts currencies, the Transfer of digital money into Fiat, as the opinion of the two partners explained. Good conditions and very fast transaction remarks should be two of the main advantages for the user. Now must show whether the currency can Dash pull is actually apparent Benefit from the partnership.

Featured Image: From mk1one | Shutterstock.com