Ubisoft Event: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

In the context of a Ubisoft event in Berlin I was allowed a look on the 04. October 2019 published Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint on throw. Our Alex has told you already some things about the Co-op mode for the title, so I fought me this time alone – as a “Lone Wolf” quasi – through-game-world.

Welcome to Auroa

But before I look at the Gamepad and grab was allowed, there was a presentation on the latest installment of the Tom Clancy Franchise. Matthew Tomkinson, Director of UX & Realization, told us more about the creation of the game world. For the first Time your battles take place in a fictional Open-World. As a utopian Paradise created in the Pacific ocean, the island abounds, besides the futuristic design of the Building is the only way in front of different terrain to explore: from the jungle-like forests, flowery fields, to snow-capped mountain peaks – I very much hope, that a photo mode to the Release will be available, to the beauty of the island to capture.

However, not only the nature want to be discovered, there are numerous places and hiding places that you can find. In 793 the hidden places, 298 villages and Camps, there are definitely a few things for you to do. Ubisoft, it was important that each place of the island has a history of its own, in order for the Immersion to be as intense as possible. In order to recover you, you can 109 bivouacs pitch, which can at the same time, after discovery of the Map as fast travel points to be used.

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Emil Daubon, Writer and Military Advisor, told us more about the development of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost. As we play with the Ghosts, Yes, the military Elite, it was particularly important for him to put the right amount of authenticity to the day. He has served 15 years in the military and his experiences in the game and its story flow. Together with other experts serving in different units of the world, were developed the right movements and conversations, to look as real as possible. It was demonstrated with a Video, the actor Jon Bernthal shows how he works during the Motion Capturings of the correct sequences of movement with a weapon in Hand. Emil speaks with passion about the desired realism and the work on it, and this attention to Detail runs through the entire Event.

In addition to cosplayers that showed Ghosts, as well as Wolves and very open for photos were, there was also a lot to strengthen, because soldiers need a lot of energy. The menu was a Highlight in itself, as the presented dishes all had a connection to the Game. So I have treated myself to, for example, the court of Cole D. Walker, played by Jon Bernthal, which mainly consisted of raw beef, because this dish is probably as bloodthirsty as the leader of the Wolves themselves.

Kill or die

And then it was time, I was able to start my trip to Auroa. There was an accident near the coast of the island, will go to your unit via a helicopter sent to the thing on the reason. Right here you will have the opportunity to make your Ghost according to your ideas. In addition to gender, hairstyle, eye color, or scars, you can also decorate your arms with Tattoos. To you started, you are still too much selection, but you can also find cosmetic embellishments running in the game world and at any time your appearance will change. Of course it is, as it must, and after a mysterious attack, crashes on the island. From the impact, visibly upset, makes you to search for colleagues that have survived the impact and meet the Wolves, lurking in the bushes. After your undetected you the other helicopter crash in opened, you discovered her on an old acquaintance, with whom you once served: Cole D. Walker. However, this may not be the man, you went through the middle East and to Survive, fought, or?

The story is exciting raised, even if we are the protagonists at the beginning of an accident, and then where are stranded, not only in Ubisoft titles such as Far Cry, something too often had. But nothing is as it seems and it applies to reveal some secrets in the course of the story. Quickly you have found a base of Survivors hide against the Wolves want to fight back. From here, you can also start Multiplayer Challenges, such as PvP. Of the different people you will also get the Main – and Sidequests, you can pin the menu. Since Auroa is technically advanced drones to the Wolves a little ACE in the hole:. The little things to attack in swarms, everything that wants to leave the island and thus represent the greatest danger. But do not despair, residents and resistance fighters, because we will take care of it!

Hot battles are waiting for you in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost – you can switch at any time in the Co-op mode!

Immersion into the game

The area invites, as already mentioned, to Explore – and even if I’ve played an outdated Build on-site, which has optically a little washed out, similar to the HDR mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, looked like, was it still beautiful. And it was assured that it is not about the final product. Also it came in my test of time game debilitating Bugs, just once, my Character was lost at once from the waist down in the ground, but by the activation of the creep mode, I could free myself quickly from my awkward position. Over a total of 534 km of migratory roads of the island invite you to go on Road Trips, you can explore by car or Bike. But everywhere, the danger lurks and the sound of eures car draws the attention of the Wolves in the vicinity quickly to you.

Your Character is equipped with a Skill Tree, with skills you can equip. In principle, four classes are available: Sharfschütze, Field Medic, Panther and Assault. I decided to go for the Panther, the is designed for Stealth. Because, of course, you can easy be in the Rage mode, and only a few run over, and then like Rambo, the area of battle, however, ends this is usually not good for your Character. Because the Wolves communicate with each other and ask for help. And as soon as the enemy helicopter shows up, the Escape really difficult. More tactically, the smoke grenade detonate and bye bye procedure in case of an emergency. Personally, I prefer surprise it is already in the assassin style of the opponent, and successively turn off. Your class by means of Mini-Challenges to build on it. For example, you reach the Panther to the next level, if you have 10 enemies in the Stealth Mode and 3 enemies with a heavy machine gun power without a Reload, or Swap, cold.

Should you want to take a break, then be on the search for a bivouac. Here is your bearings, you can hammer on and from the collected raw materials, such as flowers or fruit, rations manufacture, which will give you a temporal Buff. But beware, only one Buff can be activated, make your choice Wisely. You realize while Playing fast, that there is a lot of work was put into the creation of an immersive experience. So you have to always keep an eye on your stamina Eight have. Because your stamina bar decreases with time, and through certain actions, such as uncontrolled down a steep slope, Run/walk, and you can restore this by filling your water supply back to full. While Exploring the game world you like in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey the choice, either in the guided mode, in which your objectives on your Map appear, or the Auroa on your own to explore. Notes to different missions and locations can be found in opposing Camps, so you can, for example, a mobile phone, to look more closely and so more Info to the location of a specific weapon to find out.


A great Event with a great game experience that was more fun than I expected it to be. I can’t begin to until now a lot of the Tom Clancy series, but the story of their people and the world of the game have made me curious, what is waiting for me in Auroa, everything. And what exactly happened with Lieutenant C. Cole D. Walker? Questions, questions, whose answers I me 04. October 2019 am.

What is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost? Tactical Shooter set in an Open World, which brings a large degree of realism to the game
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox, Google Stadia
Tested: PC
Developer / Publisher: Ubisoft Paris/Ubisoft
Release: 04. October 2019
Link: Official Website