TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 in the Test

There are many successful and really good racing games out there: the entire Forzaand Gran Turismoseries, for example. And then there’s Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, DiRT, F1, iRacing, TrackMania and so on. At least as rich, the choice of icon and famous racing events. Since the 24h of LeMans or the Nürburgring, the Daytona or the Baja 500 and the Dakar rally or the Goodwood Festival of Speed would be; just to mention a few examples. Now’s a pattern: Many of the Top racing games include one or more of these races. None of them but one of them as the main hanger. Why the reason is, you only have to look at TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2.

Hardly a race track in the world is as feared as treacherous and probably that’s why so mystically appealing as the approximately 60 miles of the Snaefell Mountain Course – better known as the racetrack in the Tourist Trophy race on the Isle of Man. Since 1907, every year (except in 2020, mind you; thanks COVID-19) hunt daredevil racing driver death despising on their motorcycles through the narrow streets and winding country roads of the self-managed Kronbesitzes under the British flag. Was Versoftet this Hatz by Kylotonn already in year 2018 once … with various degrees of success. Now, the next attempt of the French developers to make a single race, an exciting, fulfilling and charming racing game follows. And Yes: you have definitely made progress.

Game fun at the Horizon(t)

Of course, the route to the Isle of Man is the Star of the game – to give but at least a little more substance, has Kylotonn conjured also a selection of fictional tracks in England, Wales and Ireland out of the hat. On the latter island can you from a certain, pretty early point in the career free roam cruising, and – in the style of Forza Horizon – Challenges of processing parts and paint jobs for your fleet and unlock. Especially in comparison with the Racing Board of Microsoft but is particularly clear here, how much smaller, variety poorer and graphically afterwards, Ride on the Edge 2 of the current racing game Elite actually is. Is the open world in Forza basically the unsung Hero of the game, expected to be a relatively empty, soulless wasteland with no traffic or life of each Differ from paved roads immediately with a Reset to it blocked. Moreover, in this (actually unfair) comparison with Forza Horizon is an impressive cycle System including seasons of a right rudimentary implementation of time of Day and weather conditions to where the Asphalt is always dry. Where: Actually, it’s a good thing. After all, the driving behavior is already very challenging on a wet surface the Whole thing seems completely undriveable.

This is not to say, however, that I’m also in regard to the Handling of my previous Grump-concert more. Especially in comparison with the predecessor, the developers have made in this regard, namely, really great progress. Although it takes a lot of getting used to, until you can sweep without its driver in every third curve, a quasi-killing about the courses, but in the end, the Whole comprehensible-it looks much and just feels much better than before.

Nevertheless, room for further improvements would still be plenty of have been: The Setup of the bike can be, for example, you cannot edit it. In addition, the fleet has been increased and now provides, in addition to current, licensed Supersport or Superbike models from BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, or Triumph even historical Bikes. Nevertheless, it is reasonably manageable.

Rudimentary Extent

Also in the building there at TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 still plenty of air to the top. In addition to single races, a career mode, is still waiting. This, however, once you have decided on menus for a team with an appropriate Bike, and corresponding objectives, from a simple calendar view. In this you just have to choose always the next race, where sometimes you can have the choice between several events with varying degrees of difficulty. But soon it becomes clear – even as varied as the whole story is not: There are two types of races: either you start directly in a group or with a few seconds interval in a kind of time race – the field is only a maximum of ten drivers (in the case of the TT it would actually be much more). Qualifying races there is no. As a reward for your placement in the race, wait for price to then money and Perks, which you select before each race and you can enable. These are things like pre-warmed tyres or a faster reset after an accident. Speaking of “accident”: While the AI pilots no longer ramming a stubborn of your line from the saddle as in the predecessor, but rudely the Asphalt kiss you will however often. Today in strange: the rewind feature, there are none. You can only start the race with you, however, with each Time a higher percentage of the profit at the end will be deducted.

The game part didn’t offer much to: split-screen mode, there is no and there is a maximum of eight players can compete against each other in races – either online or locally, one after the other. Championships can’t be organised.

Yesterday’s technology

Art disappointed Ride on the Edge 2 twice. The game looks not just gorgeous, on the other, you can expect to, nevertheless, unsightly Pop-Ups and a maximum of 30 FPS is relatively low refresh rate on the tested PS4 Pro. At least the feeling of Speed and the choice of camera fits-perspectives with several, different 1st-Person perspectives and a two-tracker cameras also lush. Also the Sound is there to complain a little. The Bikes themselves sound good, the Soundtrack fits.


Lean scope, disappointing technology, expandable Gameplay, but a solid ride and a good sense of Speed … at the end of the day, TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, unfortunately, really only for die – hard Isle of Man and motorcycle, it is recommended to Fans.

What TT Isle of Man – Ride-on-the-Edge 2? Motorcycle-racing around the iconic Isle of Man.
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One
Tested on: PS4
Developer / Publisher: KT Racing / BigBen Interactive
Release: 19. March 2020
Link: Official Website