Tron forecast for 2020: What do the experts say?

Since its introduction, TRON has awakened high expectations on the performance of the network for digital content. In addition, his technical Team is one of the most complete in the cryptographic area, and is managed by a young, media-friendly entrepreneur Justin Sun. With a strong downward correction in the year 2018 and a consolidation in 2019, the variety of opinions and analysis in this new year about the future of TRON. Predictions for TRX for the year 2020 to make, is not easy, and in this article we go, the topic on the basis of several technical analyses, fundamental analyses and expert forecasts, to.

The future of TRON in the year 2020: The reconquest of lost territory

The TRON project and its TRX-tokens are one of the most innovative ideas in the entire Crypto sphere. The project distinguishes itself from the competition through its unique approach, which is based on the democratization of the digital content that we see on a daily basis on the Internet. The digital currency market, however, is a complex and highly volatile environment. This is the balance sheet of the past years. The TRX price instability: In the first half of the year 2019, he rose and fell but in the second half of the same year, again in pessimistic territory.

Now TRX Buy

So TRON has reached to the beginning of the year 2020, the lowest level since 2018. This Position could be a good entry point for bullish players. Technically, the chart shows a twisted scenario. This means that the bulls will have to overcome a series of successive resistors, before it comes to turn a stronger trend. The introduction of the BitTorrent-token (BTT) in its Ecosystem in terms of the development and marketing of its solutions, one of the most important transactions in the commercial structure of TRON. The work plan of the Foundation points to several important events for the future of TRON in the year 2020. Some of them are listed below.

TRON projections for the year 2020: Important events, facts and Updates

In the Following it is shown why the purchase of Tron is worth it in the near future:

  • The Team behind this project consists of various Chinese entrepreneurs and developers with extensive experience. The project focuses on the world of digital entertainment and is directed by Justin Sun, one of the most prominent personalities in the industry. launch
  • It’s been more than a year since the launch of its own official Blockchain of Tron and its distancing from Ethereum. As a result, the network begins to gain in value and waiting for wider acceptance. Overall, it is more scalable than other competitors.
  • The niTRON-conference in the year 2020 will be in Seoul, South Korea, to take place, one of the most important Technology capitals of the world.
  • The development environment for new users is quite pleasant and practical. The work plan of the TRON sees the Start of the third Phase of this project by the middle of 2020. It is called “The Great Voyage” to become known, and focuses on the ability of the network, the ICO offers to facilitate.
  • Although the TRON-Foundation evaluates the year 2020 as the “year of value added” for the project, there will also overcome some of the hurdles. The Controversies around the head of Justin Sun have influenced the project. One of the recent cancellation of the strategy-Meetings with the billionaire Warren Buffett, which had the effect of TRX from the Top 10 of CoinMarketCap fell was. On the other hand, this could make the bullish side for the Act, which is what would improve the Situation of Tron.

Technical analysis of TRON and possible scenarios (January 2020)

The following technical analyses are used to assess some of the possible scenarios for TRX in the year 2020. Even if it provides no certainty about future events can help a study of the curve with a view into the past of this crypto-currency, and to determine relevant levels, break points and Trends. Since there are two couples with very different behaviour, we decided to analyze the TRON-price against the US Dollar and against Bitcoin (TRX/USD and TRX/BTC). We are trying to speculate accurately about the future of Tronix (the actual Name of the crypto Coin), and are of the opinion that of the two analyses, valuable data can be obtained.

TRX/USD: Important observations and interesting areas

Technical analysis of TRON in comparison to the US Dollar (TRXUSD) of 10. January, 2020. With Trading view from the analyzed data Bitfinex.

The graphic shows several interesting elements, which should be carefully observed:

  • In order to evaluate medium-term scenarios, an analysis was made of daily candles (1 day).
  • Up to the time of the analysis, two months have passed without that TRON was able to overcome an important structural level. This is between 0,0157 and 0,0171 US Dollar and was already used in other previous analyses defined. As to the shadow of the candlestick chart is clear, the conclusion to escape from this yellow area. Be the outbreak will be the key to further upside potential.
  • In relation to the support, the graph shows for more than a year, an almost horizontal guideline. In the event of a loss of TRX could fall in the case of high volatility of rates and their lowest levels of the year 2017 test.
  • On the upper side of the slide averages MA50, MA100, MA200 as Resistors serve. The support and resistance level at about 0,0209 US dollars, the most relevant level on the chart is currently. A breakout followed by a support confirmation, could provide us with better prospects for TRON in the year 2020.
  • While I wrote these lines, the TRX, the sliding 100-day average to break through.
  • Oxygen is available both for purchase and for sale with a RSI in the neutral Zone.

TRX/BTC: Important observations and interesting areas

Technical analysis of TRON in comparison to Bitcoin (TRXBTC) of 10. January, 2020. With Trading view from the analyzed data Binance.

The Pair TRX/BTC is characterised by volatility and a significantly bearish season, which cannot be explained by Überverkäufe prevent. For the trading with this Pair, we recommend a very careful risk management.

  • These intervals are also a day. As we have already noted, the RSI is in the neutral Zone, and the oversold conditions were touched in September 2019 short.
  • On the medium-term downward path, we can only use the last year’s low levels of this crypto-currency to consider, the 135 SAT (0,00000135 BTC) layers. If this support is strong, could make the Situation chaotic and TRX would be tried, a weak support to 100 SATS to test before moving on to a stronger support of 700 – 810 SATS drops.
  • The Fibonacci Retracements show several remarkable levels, on the upper side. The first and one of the most important is about 0,00000305 BTC. Before Reaching this level, you have to TRX several between the resistances overcome, the in shorter periods of time studied. Also moving averages can be used as a reference.
  • The analysis works independently of a consideration of the Bitcoin-domain.

Further technical observations and forecasts for TRX

  • TRON-lows in the last year: In September 2019 fell to the crypto-currency to about 0,0117 US Dollar. Their all-time lows in comparison to that of Bitcoin were roughly recorded at the same time, as she touched 133 SATS.
  • TRX-highs in the last year: TRON benefited from the bullish Rally in the first half of 2019 and recorded a High of about $ 0.04. In terms of BTC, exactly a year has now passed stands for the maximum, where he exceeded 860 SAT (0,00000560 BTC).

Two analyses suggest that the downward trend of the TRX will have to overcome several obstacles, and its increase will depend, to a certain extent from the recovery of Bitcoin this year. Currently, there is no distortion in a certain direction, and the scenario is neutral.

Expert forecasts about the future of TRON

The newspaper U Today predicts that TRX could rise in the coming months, although we are not told how this will happen. In a report dated February 2019, the importance of the recent plans of TRON, to get involved in the world of video games is shown:

“TRON would like to test for its platform new use cases and with the next introduction step of the would be based on the acquisition of the technology – there are many reasons to believe that Tron and the TRX-Token at least in the short to medium term, will be successful.”

Joey Krug (CO-CIO of Pantera Capital) explains in turn the Interview in a Tron dedicated to Bloomberg, as the behavior of this currency makes the memory of the Bitcoin bubble back to life. Apart from this prediction, there are hardly any experts with a more and more recognized profile which give a perspective on this crypto-currency. This is mainly due to the fact that Tron is a less well-known projects in the industry and not many would dare to bet their reputation on forecasts.

More TRON-forecasts to 2020

Due to the bullish season, some analysts have become a little overconfident and premature Tron projections published today appear to be unrealistic. There is, however, long-term forecasts, some potential still exists. Some experts were slightly more conservative. However, one should still keep in mind that these forecasts were created at the beginning of last year.

Experts the side price prediction believe that the TRON-price until the end of 2020 $ 0.42, reach might. Experts of the uslifed crypto Community say a possible TRON-the price of 5.72 dollars per Coin in advance.

The YouTube channel America Ru gives his forecast for the TRON until the end of 2020, US $ 1.37 in, and experts of the website coincheckup estimate that the TRON-price until December 2020 0,8053 US Dollar could reach. Other analysts tend to given the Controversy surrounding Justin Sun and his “Fake News” to a negative scenario.

Tron Coin Price Prediction, 2018, 2019, 2020 | TRX Coin Forecast

— ben (@bjam55) January 18, 2018

Work plan: The development of Tron is not a long time to complete

The story of TRON takes first your run. Half a year after the launch of its own network (a stage called “Odyssey”) there are in relation to the development and introduction still much to do. TRON did not want to make too many of his long-term plans available to the Public. But there are certain well-known insiders, have placed some of the perspectives of the project open.

In the longer-term future of the Tron, there would be four phases. Its development would extend up to the Phase of stabilization and mass adoption, known as “Eternity”, whose completion is scheduled for 2037. In the year 2020, the “Great Voyage”-Phase would start, to be in the TRON an Ecosystem could, the ICOs can launch. Then, the “Apollo” and “Star Trek”Phase would follow. Eternity would be the crowning glory. In this article, you can find more information.

What is the conclusion of this TRON projections for the year 2020?

The future of the TRX price is unpredictable, but when you consider that it is in its second Phase, will stabilize its value is expected to be. The scenarios studied indicate a lateral behavior until the breakthrough of the above-mentioned levels, or a General upward rally in the industry.

An important Element in relation to the future of this crypto-Coin, the power of Persuasion, which keeps your founder through a variety of Media and social networks is upright. The project has worked on the development of the foundations of its network. With a promising future, which is not reflected due to a severe market correction in the price, is striving TRON continued recovery and success.