Torchlight III – the first glimpse of the cont System

Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games give a first glimpse of the new Fort System of Torchlight III. With the release of the game for PC later this year, players have the opportunity to build your own fortress and make.

Forts provide each player a place in the world, you adapt and Appreciate the decorating that you have made or captured. Forts also serve as an important rallying point, where players meet up with friends, their characters develop, as well as skills and armor sets to replace them.

All the Forts are at the beginning of act I, immediately after the removal of some of the Goblins, for a free design available. The latest Blog of the Echtra-teams of developers provides an introduction to the cont System from Torchlight III:

Torchlight III is the latest successor of the ARPG classics, Torchlight I and II, the original Runic Games were developed. This is a quick Dungeon-Crawler takes Fans back to the Torchlightuniverse, where your way through a new world full of hordes of Goblins, undead and other dangerous Netherim creatures to fight. Adventurers can be used alone or together, go out with friends in the vast Wilderness, in search for loot, Dungeons to explore, epic gear to collect, and their own build. Torchlight III offers four unique hero classes (the twilight mage, Roboschmied, seemed to be fighter and sniper), as well as a myriad of new and old fighting companions, the players on your way to fame and honor to help.

More information on Torchlight III, there are also