Torchlight III is now in Early Access

Perfect World Entertainment and developer Echtra Games announced that Torchlight III, the long awaited sequel to the Torchlightseries, now available on Steam in Early Access for PC’s.

Players will experience the first two acts of Torchlight III , and plunge in countless Quests and boss battles in randomly generated areas with more than 100,000 powerful loot items – including magic, rare and legendary items. In the Early Access, players can expect even more content in the coming months.

“Torchlight III is on Steam in Early Access and thus marks the return of the Torchlightfranchise, the ARPG-Fans know and love, “says Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and co-founder of the Franchises. “The player Feedback is incredibly important to us and we look forward to continue working with the Community to work, while we Torchlight III is the best Torchlight-title. Now that Torchlight III in the Early Access goes, it is the time that many years of Torchlight-Fans and newcomers alike to your intellect and your bravery to the Front to demonstrate.

Torchlight III plays in the same universe as Torchlight I & II and offers Early Access to the classic game mechanics as its predecessors, including the entertaining Hack’n’Slash combat, epic loot, and a unique companion system. The return of the Franchises continue to bring new Features such as a customisable, with the adventurers of their own stars in the world to leave. In the course of the Early Access further Features, in-game content (including a new act) and comfort improvements will be added through regular Updates.

The events of Torchlight II, a century back, and the gluten-stone Empire is doomed. Novastraia an Invasion by the Netherim and its allies threatened again. In order to defeat the Netherim, adventurers must join online with up to three other adventurers, together or alone, to hunt do – fame, fortune and new adventures in this lively world full of dangerous creatures.

The game features the Early Access version of Torchlight III include:

  • The Front wheel travel: players explore the Wilderness, play with friends, collect materials, to prey, or their prey in the town.
  • The own to continue to build and improve the player get your own Fort, in which you can upgrade your equipment and continue to adjust, in order to show it to your friends and the world. There are monuments of the Power, escorts, accommodations and more.
  • A relic select: relics are items of great Power, giving the players active and passive abilities. They can be made in the Fort, upgraded and stored. The relic is an important part for the character of strategy.
  • Of epic gear to collect: Whether armor, weapons, recipes, gluten-stone cores, or even a new companion – there is always something to be found, if players fight through Dungeons and dangerous enemies to confront it. Each randomly-generated area can always be repeated, since each instance offers other items.
  • Attendants are back: players have to fight with your loyal companions to glory and honor. Each species, there are also a variety of colors and styles. By additional skills and equipment this companion can be made even stronger and more resilient for the common fight against the enemies.
  • Hero creation: With four selectable classes is to use class-specific mechanics in order to maximize damage to the opponent and the own chances of Survival. In Torchlight III may epic gear collected, relic forces selected and facilities can be adapted to a unique fighting style for the heroes of the players to create.

Torchlight III offers four different hero classes with unique abilities and powers:

  • The twilight mage is a wizard that uses the powers of light and darkness, to cast devastating spells.
  • The Roboschmied is a powerful robot that relies on an Arsenal of weapons to heat build up and unleash explosive attacks.
  • The seemed fighter is a locomotive-like power package, which attracts with a huge Hammer and a heavily armed railway in the battle.
  • The sniper combined as a powerful and agile ranged character, his skills with ranged weapons and magical trinkets, to fight enemies at a distance.

For the Early Access price of $ 24.99, this fast and fun Dungeon-Crawler ARPG Fans back in the universe of Torchlight.