The Surge 2 in the Test

With The Surge supplied the Frankfurt-based development Studio Deck 13, a is not necessarily error-free, but the charming representative of the Souls-like genre. In the skin of the introvert wheelchair user Warren, we fought through a dystopian future, and stripped of our adversaries into their individual parts – in the truest sense of the word! Because the biggest differentiator of The Surge, was the possibility of counterparties specifically from your extremities to release, and thus got hold of the components of his own armor to be attached. Through focused hunting for the desired armor elements, a very special dynamic, both in combat, as well as in the planning of the equipment. Can The Surge 2 the former errors of the predecessor, eradicate and Refine?

The Nano-plague has become widespread, and Jericho City in deadly embrace taken. Chaos and carnage decompose the structures of the authoritarian city. Hierarchies are meaningless, the pleading for pity in vain. In all the madness, there is a plane crash, survived all this time supposedly only one Person…

You will find that the Story-introduction this article is a bit thin? This comes not by chance, because the Story of The Surge 2 is so thin, like badly boiled chicken soup. However, this is a smaller Problem than you’d think, because the story about the Nano-plague only serves as a vehicle for the (mostly) excellent Gameplay.


SNiP, SNiP and the turnip… which is!

How very clever minds have believed among you probably already, is the mysterious surviving Person to no less than your in-game character. Unlike in the predecessor, you The Surge 2 any baked-on hero before, but it also allows you a stretch according to your ideas to Tinker with. Here, you can decide on the gender and appearance of the figure. In order to find the appropriate Style for your own taste, you can a variety of options available.

You have determined you an appealing Look that you find yourself in a prison. Hardly you from the Barre freed, takes a bunch of escalating prisoners. By now it is clear that The Surge 2, compared to the first part of the series, his already highly innovative combat system, once properly fine-tuned has. We fix an opponent, we can choose from among the various hit zones between the head, trunk and extremities. We manage the targeted part of the body enough to harm, it increases the Chance that we detach this and related weapons, armor, parts or resources may collect. In doing so, we can choose in the battle of butter soft, between the different hit zones and so our tactic plan. Parts of the body with armor will be displayed in yellow, those without in Blue. Blue zones does not provide too much loot, but are particularly sensitive to damage. We have finally reached the time of the Amputation, and this with a great animated Finisher presented. This varies depending on the weapon and is usually staged relentlessly brutal.

As with any Souls-like are also The Surge 2 the battles nothing for those not of a challenge. Nimble fingers and well-coordinated Timing are the key to success. Exact Block at the right Moment leads to a powerful “retaliation”. The Trick the The Surge 2 in this case, however, is that, is that also considered must be the direction from which the enemy’s blow comes, this is it then with the right analog stick to fend off. The maneuver is in the right place, we can create the cover of our counterparty break and massive damage without wasting stamina. Actions such as Blocking, striking or swerving to reduce the Stamina. We fail to keep this resource in mind, it may happen that at the wrong time runs out of breath, with devastating consequences for life and limb. Is it possible for us to land a number of hits, charge our battery cells. With this energy source, we are able to heal us or to start various actions.

We kill an enemy, this Tech-Scrap to fall. This is the currency in the medium of The Surge 2. With Tech-Scrap in MedBays – the Equivalent to the bonfires in Dark Souls the character of our values or our equipment improve. Furthermore, we can be there to your heart’s content crafting, provided us with the necessary raw material is available, of course. We die, we die once, the Chance of our falling behind Tech death up-Scrap. This possibility is in The Surge 2 but for a limited Time. Our estate regenerated us, if we are fighting in a Radius around him, slowly. We collect him, we get not only our lost currency, but our health is replenished instantly, completely.

All roads lead to the MedBay!

The Surge 2 has a wonderful toothed and varied world. A total of nine sectors we get to face. Thematically, the scenarios of ruined cities are moving through beautiful forests to the High-Tech terrain. Explore worth it, because behind almost every corner there is something to discover. It was armor, currency, or maybe even the one or other side quest. The Surge 2 offers this time also numerous side tasks to. Although written in the rarest of cases, really good, but often come with very nice rewards around the corner. Generally speaking, the residents of Jericho City are a little pale and the dialogues and background stories, unfortunately, bad boring.

Even more exciting, the Level design is! Both in the Horizontal as well as Vertical new paths and hidden shortcuts to well-known MedBays are to be found. A fact which will facilitate us straight in the face of the bosses life significantly. The oversized bad boys are a lot of tactics, Consideration and a big chunk of patience the request. The number on your screen of death will be Legion. However, with all of its hardness, is really unfair is The Surge 2 never. When you bite into the Grass, it is mostly your fault.

Technically, a case for the MedBay

In terms of technology is The Surge 2 -at least on the PS4 – a problem child. In spite of my PS4 Pro it came always back to drops in frame rate and the console, I crashed several times. To make matters worse, that The Surge 2 a massive Problem with the Reloading of textures has. I walked in places minutes around, without any hint of a Texture on the armor. A fact which has already gnawed significantly to the Immersion. The Animation of the NPCs leaves much to be desired. The movements often seem a little wooden, and facial Expressions, there is hardly.

Praise I would like to highlight the very intuitive control system. The combos go loose and liquid from the fingers on the Pad. Only the switching between the different objectives, I found a little unwieldy. The sound design of the Deck 13 has done all the work. The acoustics underlines the destructive impact of each individual shock. Will accompanied the particular always Happen with a great Score.



The Frankfurt, Deck 13 have in The Surge of 2 to the correct screw is rotated. The innovative combat system of the first designed, more intuitive, and is enhanced by some of the tactical nuances. The targeted hunting of specific armor pieces makes really eerie fun. The fighting with all its facets, are pleasantly challenging, require a lot of planning and patience, but are never unfair. The own suit, and the optimization of the way to Expand the own way of playing, is a huge motivator. The structure of the areas, with all its hidden areas and secrets unparalleled and awakens the Explorer in me. All wonderful points. The Surge 2 would have the makings of a Top-title, if not all of these positive aspects, some negative face would be. As the lazy Writing, the boring residents of Jericho City, or the massive technical problems would be. With a little more fine-tuning would have The Surge 2 not in front of competitors such as Sekiro hide must. So is The Surge 2 a good Game, but unfortunately not.

What is The Surge 2? A Souls-like in a Sci-Fi scenario.
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Tested: PS4
Developer / Publisher: Deck 13 / Focus Home Interactive
Release: 24. September2019
Link: Official Website