The Sims 4: Empire of magic in the Test

Magic wands, witch brooms, magic potions – what I took with me after the first announcement trailer on The Sims 4: the Kingdom of magic happy. In previous spin-offs were the magically-tinged extensions usually my favorites, and now finally The Sims 4 magical gain. Empire of magic expanded , The Sims 4 , two new neighborhoods – where a is only “mysteriously there is” … so definitely time for me to fact-finding adventure to falls!

The (almost) perfect sorcerer’s apprentice, despite the very clumsy entry

When I saw the first Trailer for The Sims 4: the Kingdom of magic saw, it was immediately clear to me: my previous Sims are not good to the head of the magical Dimension to become. A new sorcerer’s apprentice is a must! Because, as in the case of new Packs is customary, extended the realm of the magic of our virtual wardrobe. The new Outfits know to convince, and cover a diverse range of preferences – from the “Gothic magician” up to the cozy druid Outfit. Also, the hairstyles are very modern and appealing. Unfortunately, however, there are no new Outfits for toddlers and children. Really typical elements such as Hexenhüte searching unfortunately in vain, as the Pack represents a more modern style. A pity – the old scary witch in the forest, you can’t create unfortunately.


It is time, well styled to swing the magic wand, and brew potions!


Shortly after the creation of my new super-witch, a first disillusion occurred. Because the new village “mica brook” has earned a promising name. This may be a very subjective impression, but to me, the neighborhood seemed very colourless, and no really strong distinction has characteristics to existing varieties. There is just a lot of forest, a small Bar, as well as three grey-brown houses. A great pity, I had hoped for at the name but a little more gloss!

My Sim did not want to but reasons, Yes, even in “mica brook” a family, but the magical world to conquer. After a short Research I found out that I must first speak with a orphans of magic to gain magic skills. In my view, would have EA like this a bit more direct in the game can communicate, not only an external page, visit must. Also, that there is a way to give Sims already when you Create a direct magical abilities. This Option I found on my first sorcerer’s apprentice, unfortunately!

Well…without the magic hand, there is in the witch’s cauldron only “Mac’n’Cheese”!

Through the magic Portal into the stunning realm of magic

Said orphans are in the eponymous realm of magic on the way, which is through a shimmering Portal can be achieved. The Portal is, however, no private property, but with the not always intuitive movement of the camera from The Sims 4 itself can be found. This was rather annoying, as it convinced me as an “exciting sensing element”. When I arrived, after some difficulty, finally in the right realm of magic, I was absolutely flabbergasted.

The realm of magic is in my eyes the most beautiful area, which the Creators so far in The Sims 4 have released. It consists of four, large rock formations, which are floating in an enchanted universe. There are on the first rock formation, a large, pompous reception hall, in which the Sim magical Tome to be many witch’s cauldron waiting to be tried, and you can duel with other mages. Then follows an Avenue of shopping, which is strongly reminiscent of the Diagon alley from Harry Potter reminds, and all sorts of magical bells and whistles it offers. Of broom on their own, magical Familiars to utensils for potions – here you will always find it. Then, there is a garden, where you can get rid of herbs for potions for yourself.

Unfortunately, the realm of magic itself is not designed for this, there really is to life. There are no beds, and only with a small NAP, it is hard to keep up as a powerful wizard a long time on the water. I thought that was really very bad. I would have left me there permanently low, and me so freely between the two new worlds to be decided.

The way to become the most powerful mage of all time

The realm of magic offers the own Sim an incredible number of options, their own magical skills. One can distinguish between three types of magic – here are the three types of paste. Whether you want to prepare other Sims great evil, or only with a magic wand-swing the house – in flash conjures up blank- you can freely decide what to start the Sim with the magic. There are on the one hand, a complete spell book, which shows you how you can in the different directions of the magic train. On the other hand, but also a complete passive tree that gives you new bonuses and abilities. Here the developers have really laid into a lot of stuff, I was thrilled!


The Sims 4: Empire of magic offers a lot of opportunities to magically let off steam – but only after the first, extremely frustrating steps as a sorcerer’s apprentice behind. EA would have the entry a little more clearly, communicate, and also “mica brook” ‘d like some more love in Detail tolerated. So nice of the Rest of the game Packs is also, I need to pull off of this is, unfortunately, a star in the rating because this tarnishes easily equal to the first impression quite.

As soon as the first barriers to entry, however, has overcome, and in the true realm of magic has arrived, the Sim is an incredibly complex skill tree, as well as an extensive spell book, both of which promises many hours of exciting gameplay. I would not have expected in a game Pack, which brings actually limited to only new Features in the game, really! I am glad my Sim is really the only true top to let the head of the magical Dimension upgrades!

What The Sims 4 is: the Kingdom of magic? The latest Gameplay Package from the house of EA gives broom our Sims have magical abilities, and witch.
Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, XBOX One
Tested on: PC, Intel Core i7-2600K, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1080
Developer / Publisher: Maxis, The Sims Studio / EA
Release: 10. September 2019 (PC, Mac), 15. September 2019 (Console)
Link: Official Website