The Settlers – Played

Who have a certain fondness for strategy games, can’t help, as at some point once in contact with The settlers to come. No matter whether it’s the original version for the Amiga was one of the many ports or sequels, which over the course of more than 25 years has given. There is probably no Genrefan who has never seen the wild bustle of the many small settlers on his screen and not equal to the complexity of the game was enchanted. After a long wait, announced by Ubisoft last year, a reboot of The settlers-series. For this they took and then also Volker next level, the father of the small male to the boat, which was mainly the die-hard Community. After the quite successful Anno 1800, are also the expectations of the new city-building strategy game by Ubisoft, of course, increased significantly

We were allowed to try out at gamescom a first playable Alpha, we’re going to land on a new island – a green Paradise, full with forests and other raw materials. Our ship, we have reached the island, serves henceforth as a kind of headquarters. From him new settlers, as well as field supplies men for our army. In our new settlement the same can be busy: carrier to run without a task, and, craftsmen are looking for work and the military is guarding the wild bustle. Once we build the first buildings comes a little bit of order in the apparent Chaos. The carrier to bring building materials to the construction sites where, after completion, the artisans move in to start then immediately with your work. The first Amendment, in direct comparison to the previous Parts, you realize after a short time. Houses are not only there to give the settlers a home or for more settlers to attract, but also for the meals of the workers responsible. That is, the craftsmen only work effectively as long as they are provided with food. Another Highlight is the level of detail is placed by the developers, because this reached unprecedented heights. This visually beautiful diversity has been implemented, although purely in a playful way that’s not necessary. An Example Of This. You can zoom in on the targeted residential buildings so close that you can discover a whole decorated room and admire, although it is a simple door, the game would have done no harm. However, in the case of an interior has made final. Any raw materials or materials are visible, that is if your a hundred tree called the tribes of your own, so so many in your settlement are accurately visible. The same applies to Flora and Fauna, all of the resources you can see quite clearly, from the large fir tree, to the little bunnies and everything was beautifully animated wonderfully. Resources can of course be exploited also to: Falls to her many trees to plant or kill too many animals, so you exterminate them.

Everything in the Old one?

Up to this point, one might be tempted to say that the new part is a classic The settlers is, however, far from it, and a superficial view of the entire game. Alone cooking in the apartments is not a mere cook. The residents in The settlers need the ingredients for the dishes, from the respective producers to get, which then leads to long transport routes, as well as to a large delay in the production chain can lead to. There are market stalls, pick up the Goods from the producer and closer to the houses to sell, making them faster to their raw materials. But this is only a small insight into the complexity of the integrated, not only in the tech tree a lot of development was put to work, it has also invested some work in the Gameplay to make this new and fresh look. Such a Change will affect the military. While it is not possible to control in a real-time strategy game individual soldiers, but you must assign a field to the men’s units, so that it commanded over the whole group. A further Amendment relates to the possibility of your enemy territories to take can. The well-known Version of to apply this military is remained., but a new Option has been added: The Take over due to higher glory. For this purpose, you can train a Champion, who is competing in tournaments, so your skills as a leader to the walls. If you completed this successfully and the opposing residents, are more convinced than their current rulers, then they run over to you. You take, therefore, the area without a fight. This way is tedious, but the advantage is that you can then use the entire infrastructure of the annexed Terrains, because all the buildings in your possession and are not destroyed as in the case of the military variant. A third possibility is to be integrated, but here it is wrapped in mystical Silence, as this could look, but mystic could be an important clue.

Also for longer fun will be taken care of, because in addition to the campaign, with special challenges, the experts, is aimed specifically at the Genre, it will also be a Sandbox mode of the game. This is intended to provide, through its map editor, endless possibilities to the look of the island. Speaking of the map: This will show only juicy, because a other topography will be based roughly on the Vegetation of Brazil, and also a third theme was already announced, but not yet what it will be. Rumor has it something of a Winter landscape.


Although I only have a Alpha Version of The settlers of play was allowed, you could very well see where the journey will go. The influence of the settlers Creator Volker next level, you realize very clearly, because it feels like when one returns after a long trip back to his beloved homeland. Much is familiar, hardly anything seems inappropriate or off-putting, and yet it is somehow new. Minor Bugs and missing texts were still on the agenda, yet even these marred the game fun in any way. I’m sure that Fans of the game series with the new The settlers of their money will come and that the new part also fresh players can win. The only fly in the ointment: According to the few already completed hours into the game you want to play now already, have to wait but until next year, because Blue Byte (now Ubisoft Düsseldorf) is planning the Release until 2020.