The Minister of Finance Scholz: Bitcoin, according to a new analysis rather harmless

The Ministry of Finance published a new analysis. According to her, the Monero is a risk. The opinion of the Bitcoin changes in the Ministry. For the time being.

Minister Scholz has always been a big crypto-skeptics

In the critical mood of German policy, the Blockchain strategy changes only in theory something. The basis of paper represented for some time the orientation of the Federal government. Berlin wants to make Germany a major crypto site and in 2020, even digital securities start. The same time many politicians are very critical to the Stablecoin Libra, the Facebook in the coming year, intends to introduce. The Concerns are based on the fact that the Token can be a danger for the Euro and the financial market. The German Finance Minister and former first mayor of Hamburg is one of Germany of the biggest critics of the crypto industry. Surprisingly, his relatively calm statements to the Bitcoin therefore.

Bitcoin is currently no acute risk

In the past, the Federal government had waited the Minister of Finance repeatedly against the risks of Bitcoins. A point of criticism was that the crypto-currency for terrorists and money launderers popular is. In the “First National risk analysis 2018/2019” sound of the estimates made by the Bitcoin on much more subdued. For the moment at least cash is still popular with Criminals. The volatility of the BTC course, make the Token less interesting as long suspected, as Scholz‘ of the justice Department, to be published. Also with regard to the financing of international terrorism, the analysis sees no reason for a high risk classification. A warning, the report formulated but, when it comes to the increasingly popular Privacy Coin Monero (XRM).

Anonymous Coins attractive to Criminals, Internet users

Here, the Ministry believes that there is a high risk potential. No real Surprise to industry insiders: according to The analysis, Monero experienced in particular in the so-called Darknet a massive upswing. There, the experts of the Ministry of Finance, mausere especially anonymous digital currency, more and more to a model format. Apparently the news have spoken out about plans like the home in the Litecoin around. There was considered the introduction of a donations-based function, which could make the currency on the customer’s request, also to a Privacy Coin. The risk of a potential anonymization in the case of non-anonymous Token is the Ministry’s analysis, a thorn in the eye.

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