The future of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege E-Sports program

Publisher Ubisoft has announced on the Six Invitational 2020, a significant Update to the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege E-Sports program in 2020 and beyond. With the next Rainbow Six Pro League Finals, the Rainbow Six E-Sports will evolve to be a scene of a regionalised programme. At the conclusion of Season XI will find on 16. And 17. May in the Grand Auditorium of the Anhembis Convention center in São Paulo in the Finals.

The regions of Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region adapt to the global concept, but can determine the specifics within your regional program. This relates to the selection of partners, formats or the way the regional program drives the global concept. Based on what is in the last four years with Rainbow Six E-Sports that was created in the Pro League and the national competitions, the regionalization of this program is the natural next step for Ubisoft in order to improve the characteristics and successes of each Region. Thus, a stronger focus is placed on local conditions and a greater diversity in the selection of the various programs that Ubisoft has to offer, guaranteed. All of this will feed into a global Competition for the qualification for the annual Six Invitational. The changes to the program lead to the following results:

  • Four regional parallel programs in the course of a year. A tournament in the year of the Rainbow Six E-Sports, is known as a Season, is divided into four quarters. The first three quarters of hot Stages, completing each with a Major, in which the four best Teams from each Region come together at the end of a certain stage, to compete against each other. The fourth quarter is dedicated to the regional Finals and the relegation play-and leads to the Six Invitational, which will be crowned at the end of the Season the best Team in the world.
  • Teams involved in the regional programmes, be classified on the basis of a new and detailed points system, the consistent performance in all Matches of each Season will be rewarded.
  • The services provided in the regional programs and Majors, the impact on the global rank list, and the way the Teams in the direction of Six Invitational.

This Region consists of two areas. In the Northern area of Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia come together and form a very competitive Online League consists of 12 Teams. In Parallel, the southern area of, together with the emerging regions such as South Asia, new opportunities for the established oceanic market. Ubisoft will authorize ESL author to the Asia-Pacific programs and Events tax.

The European League expands to 10 Teams, and builds on everything that has been achieved in the past years, and created. The programmes of the European countries, a greater importance and included in the global programme. It is a multi-tier E-Sports scene which is able to measure, in which players of all levels and horizons. Facelt and live nation Co-production partners for the European League and Events to Ubisoft’s.

Latin America
Latin America grows from eight to ten Teams and will be expanded to an Offline structure in Mexico, by expanding to South America (Argentina, Peru, Chile, Uruguay). Latin America is now in support of three regions (Brazil, Mexico and South America), which set the objective to develop the Region more and more a global competitor. The Latin American program belong to Ubisoft and Ubisoft and its contract providers is controlled.

North America
The North American Region will professionalize the production and the tournament mode. In the process, players and the Community as well, particularly in the focus. North America will be expanded next year with the “American Division” is a new program with a high-profile production.

For the first Time Canada gets with the Canada Division a place on the global competitive stage.During the Six Invitational 2020, the regions were revealed, which will be host for the next two years of the Majors.


  • 1. to 17. May, Pro League Finals Season XI: São Paulo, Brazil
  • August, Major: North America
  • November Major: Europe


  • February, Six Invitational 2021: Canada
  • May Major: Europe
  • August, Major: North America
  • November, Major: Asia-Pacific

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