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Bitcoin changes its owner in excess of $ 10,000 USD. The energy value of the indicator to an Overestimation of the price – a further decline is very likely.

The energy value of the indicator is calling: Bitcoin overvalued

The energy value of the indicator shows that the last bull market of Bitcoin, a correction preceded. This took place after the indicator values were, in turn, on the decline. A similar scenario is also at the Moment, probably due to the view of some analysts, similar market conditions.

The last Time Bitcoin before the bull run in the year 2017 was a major correction to recognize, attested to the energy value of the indicator of the Top crypto-currency is a hugely Overpricing.

This Signal is back now. Charles Edwards argues that Bitcoin was overvalued for the first Time since September 2019 in a similar way.

Bitcoin overvalued for the first time since September, 2019, by Energy Value.

Good news?

When EV bottoms and trends up, it is often a BIG up trend. Particularly after halving.

We are already getting signs of daily EV greater than price. If this continues, expect fast recovery.

— Charles Edwards (@caprioleio) June 1, 2020

Normally, the Signal announces a declining Trend, but if the energy reaches the value after the Halving his low point, enters its upward trend in parallel with the increase of the Bitcoin price. The upward trend has continued historically, until the indicator and the price of the leading crypto-currency reached its highest level.

Charles Edwards from the Digital Asset Management company Capriole sees the indicator at a low point. An upward trend is, however, “is often a LARGE”. The Analyst mentioned, in the past, the upward trends after the Halvings would have led to quick price recoveries, in spite of the Overvaluation of the asset.

The “Energy Value Signal” that the Bitcoin could drop the price even of a crash victim in the time following the Halvings.

The energy value of the indicator reached its current Low, and the price of BTC needs to follow this development may be. At least, if the situation emerges similar to the last Halving from the year 2016 in terms of asset value-


The all-time price chart of Bitcoins, shows the increase during the bull market In 2017/ CoinMarketCap

A week after the Bitcoin Halving, the associated with the block reduction event and the resulting reduction of the Miner rewards 25 Bitcoins to 12.5 Bitcoins, the price was below the EV. The indicator crashed about three weeks after the Halving event and pushed the Bitcoin to a High of 770 USD by 27% to a Low of 550 USD. The crypto-currency began, nevertheless, a large rally, the bull, the prices of the market brought to an all-time high.

The current crossing took 17 days. This means that prices could fall in the next few days. If a similar development is visible, could lead to a price decline of 27% that Bitcoin falls below $ 8,000 USD. Technical analyses show that the support for the descending triangle is located at around 7,400 USD.

It is based on the energy value of the model, could lead the price in comparison to a decrease in Hash Rate from peak levels of $ 10,000 USD today on low levels of 7,400 USD, is that he is losing from its peak of about 25 %.

The Miner began, in the meantime, to keep your stocks while you retrieved in the last week after the sell-out more money than dug out of the ground have.

The cross of the Bitcoins under its energy value and the potential price drop might be the last Chance to before the Start of the next bull market is to buy after the decline.