Telegram: higher reimbursement for patient investors

The SEC had stopped the Telegram-Token GRAM, and the SOUND System. The company invites investors with a refund claim to be patient.

The court issued the judgment to Investment repayments

Actually, it looked like a rather large litter, as a Telegram in the year 2018 a. ICO is successfully completed and for the year 2019 of own own crypto-Launch in views presented. The messenger service want to be with a Blockchain System to a large Player in the market. The Telegram Open Network (TON) was also one GRAM of the in-house Token Coins like Bitcoin, primarily, but also Facebook’s Libra should make a competition. However, early problems announced, the first and foremost of a legal nature. The least of the competent US regulatory authority, SEC evidence for the Lack of a ICO-permit issued. Now the former donors will finally get refunds. A corresponding judgment was given in the US already some time ago. Approximately $ 1.7 billion, had received Telegram from its investors.

Direct payments to money lenders with high losses

Sure does not seem currently that the company will have to pay back the full sum. The court’s judgment to the languages of the donors, namely, a share of 72 per cent of the money invested. On today’s date, investors would receive their payments from the Token advance, if everything had gone as planned. The operator of the platform, however, a solution on their own in view, so that can’t accept the fact the investors with the economic cutbacks. However, it needs to in this connection, some patience. You do not have a refund and up to 30. April 2021 endure, will be rewarded. In exactly 12 months, the responsible for the SOUND System, to investors for their Loyalty and confidence in the project with a payout of 110% of the original investment count. The shortcoming from the point of view of some investors: A refund in US dollars will not take place.

Tempting offer for investors in 2021?

Rather, the company wants to pay currencies in the Crypto. That large Coins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, in particular, the own Token GRAM are eligible, is here. The currently good expansion ratios of the companies (around 100 million new active Users suggest within a year) that the modalities for investors can take a good end. Depending on how the crypto classes, but the bottom line, however, less than the aforementioned 110% out. Measured by the amount of investment at the Moment of the ICOs. The Telegram-Management refers to over-the-counter success stories from Messaging services, the experience in just in the current crisis, a Boom. Investors have plenty of choice. The problem here is, without question, that for legal reasons, no reliable launch date for the promising Blockchain-System SOUND is set. Conceivable is also that the legal release comes at all.

Featured Image: Sergei Elagin |