Stuttgart stock exchange, a Bitcoin’s partnership with SBI Holdings

The Stuttgart stock exchange is expanding its crypto-activity. To get this purpose, SBI Holdings in the companies from Germany as an Investor and Partner.

Investor a rose, even in the case of a number of companies

The Japanese company SBI Holdings can be quite rightly described as active, if the sector’s new Investments in crypto. In the past there have been repeated reports on partnerships and investment, were also on the Japanese borders. For example in the Form of investment in the millions, which the operator put in the platform Securitize. This is complemented by various collaborations with companies from the Mining area. Today, a Statement which announced a cooperation with the Stuttgart stock exchange followed. It is a future-oriented partnership in the area of digital Assets. Technological basis of how little surprisingly, the technology of the Blockchain.

Asia and Europe should be covered as markets

As a target area for choosing the Partner for the markets in Asia and Europe. Where the trip counter, also known. Not less than a “comprehensive” coverage of the mentioned regions you want to reach. Thus, the no. 2 extends under the stock exchanges of Germany, your network again. After the stock market stressed from southern Germany already by the end of 2018, that crypto currencies are an interesting asset class, the company launched at the beginning of this year, its App service Bison. On the application, Users can act, among other things, Bitcoin and Ethereum. So now the next step, the aim is not only to the German market follows.

Partners do not strive for market share

The partners expect of their cooperation, a better Standing in various growth markets. “Synergy effect” is the important keyword. Even if there is currently no exact Details are known, it is, nevertheless, an important Signal. Just for the stock exchange branch Digital Exchange Stuttgart stock exchange (BSDEX) can open the step up new doors. Among the most important donors of the project, the company Axel Springer SE. Currently not-yet-confirmed reports of SBI Holdings would like to start with one-tenth of the shares in BSDEX. The stock exchange informs that the cooperation with the service provider from Japan for both side to be an important extension of the activities in the Bitcoin context. Clear goal: a shared leadership position.