Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town in the Test

A gentle breeze, which blows through the trees. To fields, the built wait. Delicious vegetables and juicy fruits. Oh – the farm life could be so beautiful! This is exactly the feeling conveyed at least a little adventure in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. However, can a reissue of the former Harvest Moon adventure from the year 2003, 17 years later, to convince?

A new life in the peaceful style!

Oh, what I missed the small but mighty village of mineral city. Because 17 years is it now since Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town the home consoles by storm. Now we return with Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town for the first time in the tranquil village of back in a new edition of the popular Game Boy Advanced classic. So it’s time to swing the hoe, and the rubber boots to create! Since Friends of Mineral Town is the first Harvest Moon game was, with what I myself, as the smaller dwarf came in contact, it has, of course, a certain emotional value associated with some nostalgic expectations. Nevertheless, I tried, as impartially as possible, the Test approach!

The possible confusion to the General game series at this point to avoid, I would like to here again on the debate of the Harvest Moon vs Story of Seasons title clues. It is a lot of players unfortunately are not even aware that the latest Harvest Moon title, not the well-known Farming adventure, which we as children come to know and love had. After the developer Marvelous , at the beginning of the 2010s, of the former partners, Natsume Inc. parted, there were some problems in relation to the right to a name – and so it was from Harvest Moon Story of Seasons! All the Details you can in our recently published report, read this. Now, however, in the middle and into the Farmer life!

From cows and plants, the heart and secret Santa

The basic story of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town was, of course, from the Original assumed – and corresponds to the typical Harvest Moon scheme. Our beloved grandfather bequeathed to us once again his Farm, which is to flourish by our Hand. Even if it is a Remake of the story of 1:1 applied, it felt however, after all the years of Harvest Moon a bit repetitive, and once again the Farm of the grandfather’s to accept. I had not done this in the past few years sure to the ten Times? A little stale aftertaste was not here, unfortunately, unavoidable. Nevertheless, this is, of course, a new edition, therefore, it is quite appropriate to the original story to use – it has a Harvest Moon so far, anyway, never really dominated!

To help now, so our Farm back to glory, welcomes us fresh in the village is also the same mayor Thomas arrived. He gives us a first Overview of the village life, as well as customs and traditions. Player, which so far, no points of contact with Harvest Moon Games had, to get optional tips for the control and daily tasks on the Farm to do there.

After the short introduction, we can plunge us into the open fray. How else is the Gameplay in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is completely kept open. We have a few neighbors who want to introduce themselves to us necessarily, that was it, but also to conductive Quests or historical strands. Because here, it is important to write our own adventure!

Tedious to the farmer feeds..!

Now, therefore, cultivated crops, planted trees, and animals are raised. Important options this is also on the different entry point. At the beginning we choose namely this time between a simple and normal Start. We want to have it a bit easier to start our Peasant already with 2500 Gold on the account, and can already reap the first day vorgesäte plants. To overthrow me for the Test directly into the adventure, I have chosen, I here the easy Start.

The small ledge I was able to take me immediately to the beloved Farmer’s work. And it was immediately clear – it was not long until I once again the charm of the Harvest Moon genre fell into disrepair. The internal days of the game, gone again in an instant. Because there are fields to plow again, plant seeding. But wait, my cow needs to be milked! And I fed the foal?! Forgotten all about it. So it is but never a horse! But wait, before that, first, a detour to the beach. Oh no, the day is almost over, and the seed Download to has already!

However, in particular, would do at the beginning of a “Quest” of the game might still be very good. I can imagine that you have just confused as Non-veterans of the genre in the beginning and overwhelmed, and don’t know where to actually get started now. On the Farm first, or in the forest? Uh, where did that come from all of a sudden the beach? As, the business has already? For beginners some of the possible stumbling blocks are present, the premises would be out of the way when the Game would result in a something occasionally.

A feeling like coming home

The engaging game principle works here, too, simply smoothly again, and from the first Minute. The new graphical coat of paint does the rest, to suck the player into the world. At the same time, the own animals from this time is still thirty times more loving than the Original, and as a Alpaca Fan, I was thrilled anyway, of the offshoots of this variety simply and completely. And Yes, I might have a few too many on the Farm, okay?! Everyone has their weaknesses!

I was somewhat disappointed by the music of the game. The fact is, unfortunately, both of the current weather, as well as the place of the character-bound. In the city a different style of music, such as on the Farm or on the beach. Rains, however, it is now in our village, so the music is missing. And we must deal alone with our thoughts and the rain splatter. This may of course be a totally subjective point, but for me the relaxing Soundtrack in the Background is just as important.

As it rained on me the first three days, it felt totally wrong, without a Sound stand. I even started to Google it, if I like the game incorrectly started or configured would have until I thought of that because of the rain, usually no music in Harvest Moon was present. But I find that a real shame, and I had hidden well definitely in my nostalgic memories. It would have at least an Option to give the music the rain on or off. So everyone can according to their own preferences, the farm life to arts to enjoy.

Farm life also in real life – thanks to a wonderful press Kit!

Very happy I me in connection with this Test, also really loving the press kit, which we of Marvelous receive. This could bring our boss just in front of his daughter in safety, it was a tough race! When you first Open the Sets a caring framed letter exclusive of the mayor Thomas greeted me immediately and personally, including “hand-drawn” photos of the common family time at the farm! Thomas is here in mineral city, welcome, and let us bequeath legacy of our grandfather.

It is just a totally different feeling to get in this way access to a game, as with only a small scrap of paper, and much more in the mood to start his own Farmer-life. According to the letter of the key to my own Farm, a little “chicken feed”, and a couple of small stickers expected of me – which in any case the Alpaca will definitely get a place of honor!

In the following gallery you will find the contents of the sweet Sets. I would like to thank really very much for this – I had so incredibly much joy, many thanks for 🙂


Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has found me in the Test, really not easy. It was the first game in the Harvest Moon series, which I did as a little dwarf came into contact. Accordingly, the nostalgic and distorted memories of the Original were. Nevertheless, I fell in love with the Remake after only a few minutes, as I have for the games of the Harvest Moon genre, just far too big a place in my heart for the rest – beautiful new graphics fact, of course, also the rest! Here is to say, of course, a groundbreaking graphic wonder á la Last of Us 2 needs to be here but, of course, is not to be expected. The style blends perfectly into the tranquil world – and something more Realistic would be absolutely out of place!

The lack of a Soundtrack to rainy days has me contemplative, but really more disturbed than expected, and pulled me to one or the other Time, out of relaxed summer days. This may definitely be “Bitching at a high level”… but it was just a slightly melancholic, sad feeling that wasn’t right for me, in the peaceful village of mineral city. Also, I must admit that I realized, despite all the love for the Franchise, after a few hours, however, that I have everything in the game then seen just before. However, this is probably after about ten years of Harvest Moon Games is quite normal, even if, unfortunately, something of a shame. Thus, you will feel in such moments of quiet, sometimes a little older, my really like would be!

What Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town? The Remake of the popular title, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town in the year 2003. A Farm is waiting again to be expanded!
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Tested: Switch-Version
Developer / Publisher: Marvelous/Marvelous
Release: 10. July 2020
Link: Official Website