Stellar lumen: Keybase announces Airdrop over 2 billion XLM

Stellar is planning in the next 20 months, up to 2 billion XLM on Keybase users via Airdrop to spend. This will take place in batches of 100 million XLM per month, such as the Stellar Development Foundation announced.

As a surprise gift, the Stellar Development Foundation, recently 100 million lumens (XLM) has sent a value of 5 million US dollars to 300,000 Keybase users. The equivalent of each of the active users of the platform has received XLM in the value of about 19.20 USD in lumens. Without Conditions.

However, that was only the beginning. The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is planning in the next 20 months of the 2 billion lumens (about 115 million U.S. dollars) on Keybase via Airdrop to spend. The credit is 15. of each month (from 15. October 2019 the SDF the next Batch), where they are distributed to the same Parts on all Keybase users.

To qualify, must be registered with a Keybase account, prior to the announcement or a new Keybase account will be created, which is associated with a GitHub or hacker news account, which was registered before the announcement. This should serve the purpose of the Bot to prevent logins to Keybase.

All you need to do is to have an authenticated Keybase Account, and your XLM appear in your Wallet, automatically, every month, as long as the Airdrop will be continued.

However, the SDF reserves the right to terminate the Airdrop to three months, subject to the provisions of the “basic success criteria for the program”. To the Background of the Airdrops, the Stellar Foundation, said:

In the months since, they have integrated Stellar for the first Time in your Chat, has Keybase developed by far the smartest set of Tools for our users.

Among the developments of Keybase, inter alia, Inline, in a super-convenient way shipments between friends in XLM or USD. In addition, Keybase users can send Lumen to any phone number, even without a Keybase account. Furthermore, Keybase has also created a Bot-Making Framework, the Stellar for the financing of new projects can use.

Recently, a Keybase user has developed a XLM-based Bot named @elite. If you only send a small piece of XLM to @elite, it answers with a disposable phone number that you use for a short period of time that can receive text messages. It is a really cool example of Micropayments in action, and it is exactly what we want to inspire with this Airdrop, and allow.

Those who now participate in the Airdrop, can participate in the month-to-month and make more money. However, the merit of each Individual is limited according to the Keybase in the Lumen in the value of 500 USD.

What Keybase is?

Keybase is a “free, safe Alternative to Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram and other Chat Apps”, which currently has over 300,000 users. It supports both large and small groups, communities and Teams. Within Keybase all Chats End-to-End encrypted. And since Keybase is based on Public Key technology, it is also crypto-currencies.

Featured Image: RuskaDesign | Shutterstock