Samsung Pay is a co-operation with Ripple’s Partner Finablr

Samsung Electronics America is working with the UK’s payment platform and the RippleNet member Finablr to his Service in the world to continue to expand.

Both companies plan, the Samsung Pay Mobile App add a new Feature. It is called the Money Transfer and allows users to send money to over 47 countries borders around the world, with a variety of payment options should be integrated. Samsung Pay is a convenient and secure method of payment. The user base is limited, however, due to the lack of global reach. Finablr to solve this Problem and the use of the service increased significantly.

Finablr has closed in 2018, in a partnership with Ripple. The company partnered with Ripple, a cross-border transaction service to Asia with a decentralized Ledger technology. Although it is unclear whether the partnership with Samsung Pay has a connection to the services of Ripple, uses Finablr already the solutions of Ripple. The latest money transfer Service is supported by Travelex. The company is part of the Finablr group.

The service will increase the transparency of the network, and thus its safety and comfort. The money transfer is the first step in the Vision of the company, to develop the payment system. The main objective is to make Samsung Pay a platform that facilitates the financial activity of the customer.

Samsung Pay users in the US can use their existing approved pre – registered Debit or credit cards in the Samsung Pay to send secure and protected money in the most popular currencies on the global network of Finablr to your recipients.

The Service uses the global reach and sales capacity of Finablr and offers a wide selection of Deposit and withdrawal options that are tailored to the preferences of the recipient – from Bank deposits to cash, the is available for collection.

Finablr says that his cross-border payment technology currently serves more than 25 million people in 170 countries around the world. The company has since December of last year, a member of the network of banks and payment service providers of Ripple. The UAE stock exchange of Finablr uses the cross-border payment technology of Ripple, in order to allow Remittances to Asia. Sang W. Ahn, Vice Presidnet of Content and Services at Samsung Electronics America, says that the partnership with Finablr is part of a larger Plan to expand the range of Samsung Pay:

Money Transfer is a first step in our Vision to develop Samsung Pay platform, which makes the financial life of the user more pleasant. The services offered by Samsung Pay, which has been developed in close cooperation with industry leaders such as Finablr, puts us in a position to influence the daily financial experience of consumers positively.

It must be emphasized, however, that Samsung has not mentioned XRP in its Version explicitly. However, the partnership with Finablr will allow the giants to take advantage of Ripple services supported indirectly. Samsung joins a growing movement of major technology companies, the push to offer financial services to shake up the banking sector and global Transfers.

Samsung is an early supporter of the Blockchain and crypto-Assets. The Blockchain Keystore App of the company is for the new line of Galaxy S10 Smartphones of the company, with the help of which users can store their private key for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum-based Token.

Featured Image: TY Lim | Shutterstock