Robinhood sweeps through the funding of a further $ 280 million.

Robinhood, the provider for the equity – crypto-trade, received its latest round of financing additional capital in the amount of 280 million US-dollars. The company’s valuation currently stands at USD 8.3 billion.

Robinhood Markets Inc. more and more customer attracts with its share – and crypto-trade with Zero fees and Commissions, guarantee. Now, the operator completed a series F financing.

Like the company on 04. May announced, the investors in the financing round of approximately 280 million US dollars in the cashier of the company, rinsed, whose current value is estimated at 8.3 billion USD.

Thanks to the financing round, the company can be the target of 250 million US dollars from the beginning of the year significantly behind. Of the shares and crypto-broker itself has a market value in the amount of about eight billion US dollars. Several partners in the financing for a smooth process. To this end, the Sequoia, 9Yards Capital, NEA, Ribbit Capital, as well as Unusual Ventures.

From a dealer point of view, the crypto-trade using Robinhood, is characterized by several advantages. This mainly includes the waiver of commissions, the very user-friendly platform Design is part of has in retailer with a good reputation. The provider’s customers get access to a variety of important digital Assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The timing of the new financing comes in the right moment. Because Robinhood polished currently, after a few setbacks currently in the image.

In fact, Robinhood had to digest a major failure, the met also, and especially, the investors to whom it is not managed by a major Dow-to benefit rally. The company was reasonable, recognized the disadvantages and attested, that it was encouraging that investors pay to the project despite the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 and the outgoing unprecedented market volatility confidence.

The obvious setbacks in Spite of Robinhood recorded in the past year, a significant increase in revenues. From the company reports that the Startup-quarter sales of previously 20 million US Dollar climbed up to March 2019 to three times the value of 60 million USD in the same month the year 2020.

The Californian Start-up of realized revenues in connection with customer contracts, but also through paid Premium subscriptions to its trade services. Thanks to its 10 million, the group plans the rise in the circle of the leading trade services on the market. Over 3 million customers may have Robinhood, many of your belong to the beginners in the field of so-called “Millennials”, the discover offers in the area of free trade for itself.

Since the year of its founding in 2013, Robinhood can boast considerable success in the areas of trade in shares, options and crypto offered. In the broker and the trading segment, the results were early on, impressive. The trade without a Commission settlement was a revolutionary approach at the beginning, is not unproblematic. Because of the approach called for many imitators, such as the company, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab Corp, which brought in similar offerings to the Start and so for the more competitive South of the border.

To date, Robinhood was able to collect a sum of more than 900 million US dollars in the course of the various rounds of financing through its various investors. Alone, the last round brought the value of the company to a level of 7.6 billion US-dollars.