Ripple News: Send new ads and XRP via text message

Ripple presented yesterday a new commercial, which shows the money with the help of an airplane faster to the goal to be brought could than with a conventional transfer. Ripple wants to awaken the banks to not stand in the way of new innovations. Furthermore, XRP Coins can now be sent by text message.

In a new advertising film, Ripple is targeting all banks worldwide because it is no longer appropriate to wait several days for a transaction to arrive at its destination. The short film shows that it is faster and easier to put money in an airplane, give it to the destination and deliver it. This may not be cheaper, but it is in any case faster than making a cross-border transfer via traditional bank transfers.

It’s faster to get on a plane and fly money across borders than it is to send it as a digital payment. @Ripple is changing that. Learn more:

– Ripple (@Ripple) October 30, 2018

More and more banks worldwide are piloting Ripple’s various software solutions, with many projects still in the testing phase. Nevertheless, the spread and adaptation of XRP and blockchain technology is increasing.

In the meantime, a new platform allows mobile phone users to immediately send XRP Coins worldwide by text message. It is irrelevant whether the receiver has already been in contact with XRP in the past. The platform ( also does not require registration and allows users to send XRP worldwide within seconds. The following video shows how the project works.

Instant text massage system by XRP

– XRP VETERAN ✖️ (@XRP_VETERAN) 29 October 2018

The project was developed by the independent XRP developer WieseWind, who at this point points out that errors and malfunctions can still occur, as the platform is in a public beta phase.

The price of XRP moves sideways within the last 24h and shows a minimal price decline of – 0.58 percent to a price of 0.39 Euro.